10 best android puzzle games in 2020

Are you looking for the best puzzle games to play in your spare time? Here are the recommendations for games for Android phones that you must try in 2019, gang.

In addition to watching movies, playing games is one of the other favorite activities that are chosen for entertainment.

The various game genres available also add more choices for users who may be bored with the same game.

But of the many game genres, puzzle games become one that is timeless and much-loved by people of all ages and genders.

Unfortunately, not all of these puzzle games offer interesting gameplay and appearance to play, gang. Especially those that can be played on smartphones.

Therefore, in this article, ApkVenue will discuss some recommendations best Android puzzle games which is worthy for you to download and play right now.

Best Puzzle Game Recommendations on Android Phones (Update 2019)

Not only being able to provide entertainment for the players, puzzle games are also widely chosen because they are able to sharpen the brains of the players.

For that reason, this type of game is always in demand by many users. Well, for those of you who are looking for the best puzzle game, here Jaka has some recommendations.

1. Cut The Rope

Being one of the best Android puzzle games, Cut the Rope not only can sharpen the player's brain but also provide exciting and fun game entertainment.

In fact, it is so popular with many people, the developer, namely ZeptoLab, has made a web series based on this one game which he uploaded on the YouTube platform channel, you know, gang.

This game itself provides a mission for players to put a lollipop into the mouth of a frog character named Om Nom by cutting a string attached to the candy.

Although at first glance it sounds easy, but in reality you may have to repeat each level many times to win.

DetailsCut The Rope FULL FREE
Minimal OSAndroid 4.2 and above
Rating4.6/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

ZeptoLab Trivia Games DOWNLOAD

2. Triple Town

Developed by game developer Spry Fox LLC, game Triple Town suitable for those of you who are looking for the best puzzle game and offer an attractive appearance.

In this game you will be assigned to plant various large trees.

But, to be able to plant it, you will be given a challenge that is quite difficult, namely having to fight against a naughty bear who always drops the trees you plant.

Even though it looks simple, in fact you still need more effort to be able to win this game.

DetailsTriple Town
DeveloperSpry Fox LLC
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3.3 and above
SizeVaries by device
Rating4.6/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Spry Fox Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

3. TTS Lontong

Inspired by a TV show, Lontong crossword clue maybe it will be perfect for those of you who are looking for a funny puzzle game but also annoying at the same time.

The reason is, this game made by the developer Gambir Game Studio will provide answers that are quite strange and unexpected from every question that at first glance looks normal and ordinary.

Even so, but that's what makes this game very fun and funny to play. To date, the Lontong TTS game itself has been downloaded by more than 5 million users on the Google Play Store.

DetailsLontong crossword clue
DeveloperGambir Game Studio
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4 and above
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Puzzle Games Gambir Game Studio DOWNLOAD

Other Best Android Puzzle Games...

4. Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Need a more difficult and unusual brain teaser game? Maybe a game called Math Riddles this is what you're looking for, gang!

It has been downloaded by more than 5 million users of Android mobile devices, the Math Riddles game is claimed to be able to increase the IQ of its players through a combination of puzzles and logic offered in the game. gameplay-his.

As the title implies, this game is a mathematical puzzle game in the form of numbers with various different levels of difficulty.

In addition, this Math Riddles game also provides hints and answers for those of you who have difficulty solving the levels presented.

DeveloperBlack Games
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Download here:


5. Smart TTS 2019 - Offline Crosswords

Are you looking for the most fun crossword puzzle game to play? If that's the game Smart TTS 2019 made by the MeluApp developer, this could be one of the right choices, gang.

Not only is the gameplay exciting, Smart TTS also offers a simple image design with a variety of attractive color choices that you can change according to your taste.

Interestingly, this one game application also offers a help feature that you can use when there are questions that make you confused.

In addition, this game also promises TTS questions that will continue to be updated so that you will not run out.

DetailsSmart TTS 2019
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

MeluApp Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

6. Onet Deluxe

Often referred to as the favorite game of mothers or fathers, in fact Onet Deluxe is one of the most interesting games to be played by people of all ages.

Because, apart from offering gameplay which is very easy to understand and play, this game also has a pretty attractive graphic display and colorful.

This game made by the developer Paw-App Studio itself provides three game modes for players, namely relaxed mode, challenge mode, and survival mode.

Not only that, there are also four choices of image themes; animals, cute monsters, fruits, and Christmas that you can choose according to taste.

DetailsOnet Deluxe
DeveloperPaw-App Studio
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Paw-App Studio Strategy Games DOWNLOAD

7. Roll the Ball - Slide Puzzle

Still haven't found the best puzzle game that's fun to play? If so, maybe Roll the Ball this could be another alternative for those of you who are looking for an Android logic puzzle game, gang.

Besides being able to provide game entertainment, this Roll the Ball game you can also use to test IQ and logic.

The reason is, in this game you have to put together a puzzle that contains elements of wood in order to form a pipe as a path for the ball.

Offering a fairly simple display design and relaxed gameplay, this game might be suitable for those of you who are tired of the noise in the PUBG battle royale game or the like.

DetailsRoll the Ball
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

BitMango Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

8. Guess the Picture

Already downloaded by more than 10 million users, game Guess the picture This requires players to think of pieces of words or sentences that are the answers to the images displayed.

Not only can sharpen the brain, this game also forces players to imagine well to find words that match the picture.

In addition, the design that looks quite attractive and colorful also makes this game not bored to be played continuously. But, remember! Don't get addicted to the game, okay?

DetailsGuess the picture
DeveloperGuess the picture
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Guess the Picture Puzzle Games DOWNLOAD

9. Criminal Case

Do you like detective games? Game titled Criminal Case this might be suitable for you to download right now, gang!

In this game you will work as a detective who will assist the police in solving murder cases.

After you manage to get all the evidence, then you are assigned to analyze the evidence with mini puzzles and many other interesting tasks.

Offering puzzle games with interesting gameplay, it's no wonder that currently the Criminal Case game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users on the Google Play Store application store.

DetailsCriminal Case
DeveloperPretty Simple
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
SizeVaries by device
Rating4.6/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Pretty Simple Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

10. Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?

The next best puzzle game recommendation that ApkVenue will discuss here is the game Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain? made developer Orange Studios.

Tricky Test 2 itself is a puzzle game with a series of complex brain-boosting games and unexpected solutions, according to the game's title.

For those of you who feel smart and can crush each level quickly, this game offers around 100 questions tricky for you to solve, gang.

Although it is not included as the best offline brain teaser game for Android, you can download this game for free or for free, you know.

DetailsTricky Test 2
DeveloperOrangeose Studio
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.8/5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Orangeose Studio Trivia Games DOWNLOAD

Well, those were some of the best puzzle games right now that you can play in your spare time or when you're bored, gang.

Interestingly, the games above not only function as entertainment media but also function to test the IQ of the players.

Now you know which puzzle game to download? Or do you have other more interesting puzzle games? Share the answer in the comments column, yes!

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