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how to get super magical chest in clash royale

On this occasion, Jalan Tikus will share how to get a Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale which has proven to be effective for free. Check out the reviews..

Clash Royale is a very popular mobile game, with the number of users increasing every day, making Clash Royale one of the games with the Top Download label in Indonesia. Google Play Store or-anything App Store.

For Clash Royale players, of course the thing called Chest (Chest) the players really want. So far, there are 7 types of Chest the one in Clash Royale, namely Free Chest, Crown Chest, Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Giant Chest, Magical Chest, and Super Magical Chest.

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Of the seven chests, Chest The one with the best cards out of all Chests is the Super Magical Chest, with 360 cards inside it. At least you will get 12 Epic cards and 72 cards Rare in Super Magical Chest this. Great, right?

How to Get Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale

Here are tips that you can do so that you can get a Super Magical Chest easily and quickly, and of course without having to spend a dime.

1. Win the Battle 5 Times in a row (Streak Win)

It's hard. But by winning battle 5 times in a row, then your chance to get Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale is certainly increasing, never be afraid to experiment with Battle Decks you, because of course the enemies you face have different attack styles.

2. As Much As Possible Get 3 Crowns in the Battle Arena

Supercell really appreciate the players who can destroy King Tower fight and get 3 Crowns in the Battle Arena. This way your chance to get the Super Magical Chest will be wide open. Even so, it is possible that players who get 1 Crown can get Super Magical Chest, but that would be very rare.

3. Make sure the Free Chest and Crown Chest are "Next in:"

One of the next conditions is to empty slots on Free Chest and Crown Chest. This method is proven to be inviting Super Magical Chest faster than usual.

4. Try To Buy Treasure Chests

It's not mandatory, but by buying one of the Treasure Chests existing, of course Supercell will appreciate you more because you are willing to spend money. That way, Supercell will not hesitate to provide Super Magical Chest to you.

5. Avoid Sudden Death as much as possible

Even though it looks cool, but Sudden Death highly not recommended if you want to get Super Magical Chest quickly. It's good that you can finish battle before normal time runs out, will get added value if you get 3 Crowns.

6. Complete Achievements

Clash Royale has many Achievements that you can complete. If you successfully complete all existing Achievements, you not only get Gems, you can even get Super Magical Chest.

7. Don't be stingy with donations

Don't underestimate Donation, because donations are an important thing if you have joined a Clan in Clash Royale. Donations are one of your important factors in getting the Super Magical Chest. Supercell Strategy Games DOWNLOAD
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