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the easiest way to make song status on whatsapp

Want to know how to make a current song status on Whatsapp Story? Check out Jaka's review below, yes!

Feature popularity story which was first coined by Snapchat has now penetrated into almost all the best chat applications and social media, including WhatsApp with its status.

Talking about status, this time Jaka will give tips on how to do it how to make song music status on WhatsApp. So, not only Instagram only one can do it, but WhatsApp can also do it. How do you do it? Here's the review!

How to Make Song Status on WhatsApp

Various ways are used by people to express their emotions and their hearts through statuses on social media. Anyone using the best life motivational words, some also use a collection of funny and funny pictures.

Well, there is another method that has been used more and more recently, namely by giving music or songs to the same status related very much in its current state.

For those of you who want to know how to make song or music status on WA Story, Jaka will provide clear and concise guidelines. Keep an eye on Jaka's review below!

How to make a song status on WhatsApp without an application

You must have seen or even made story both on Instagram and on WhatsApp that contain photos or videos with snippets of songs in them.

Usually, such content is created with additional applications such as Kinemaster, Inshot, Screen Recorder, and the like. But did you know that content can be created directly without an application, you know!

Yes! You can make music status on WhatsApp without the need to use additional applications or other support. You also don't need to root in a row root app on your smartphone, really.

All you need to do is follow the steps below. Listened one by one, yes!

Step - 1: First of all, open the file, application or music streaming service that you usually use to listen to your favorite songs. In this example, ApkVenue uses one of the best music streaming applications on Android.

Step - 2: Back to homescreen but do not turn off the music that is playing in the application you are using. Keep the music playing on background. However, you need to first press pause on the music or song.

Step - 3: Enter the WhatsApp application, then select the tab Status and select my status to start creating music content. Before starting to record, reopen the running app on the background.

Step - 4: Playback your previous song pause, then return to the WhatsApp application and start recording The status you want.

Step - 5: The song that is playing will be automatically recorded in the Status video that you make. You can add caption nor filter in the video, then upload to Status yours.

TARAA! Your music status has been uploaded and you have made it easily without the help of additional applications.

That's how to make a song or music status on WA Story without an application. It takes a special trick to make it. But the method above is guaranteed to be 100% effective, gang!

How to Make Song Status on WhatsApp with Applications

The method above is actually very simple. Even so, maybe there are those who don't like this method and choose totality by using a series of the best video editing applications.

Therefore, after you know how to make a song or music status on WA Story without an application, ApkVenue will tell you how to make a song status on WhatsApp with the application.

Here, ApkVenue will use the Inshot application because it is fairly practical and simple to operate. Curious right? Here's the review!

Step - 1: Please download and install the application Inshot which is on Google Play. Well, instead of being complicated, Jaka has listed the application below. Please download!

InShot Inc. Video & Audio Apps. DOWNLOAD

Step - 2: If so, please enter, then tap Videos. Select the photo or video that you want to make a story.

Step - 3: After that, tap Music to select the song you want to use.

Step - 4: Select the track or song that you will choose as the music in your story. You can also use your own music, you know!

If you have, tap the check mark, then tap Save in the top right corner.

Step - 5: Please enter the video that you have made into the WA story.

Finished! Your WA status now has music or songs. Very easy, right?

That's an easy way to make song music status on WhatsApp with or without the help of additional applications. Good luck!

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