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how to hack whatsapp without being caught, easy!

Curious how to hack WhatsApp without an application? Here Jaka gives various tips on how to tap WA using Android without being caught.

WhatsApp or what is known as WA is one application chat most popular with the most number of users in the world.

Unlike social media that is open, WhatsApp is more closed because it contains messages that are only intended for certain people.

Because of their closed nature, many people become curious about other people's private conversations. Whether it's a jealous boyfriend or even an official, they tap other people's WA to look for disgrace or prove something.

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss some of the how to tap WA the most powerful and most popular used by many people.

How to Hack the Latest WhatsApp 2020

Not with evil intentions or even committing crimes, Jaka's goal to share tips on how to tap WA is positive, really! For example, you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you, or expose someone's evil intentions to someone else.

No matter how good an application is, there must be things/features that can be exploited. One of the most common ways to tap WA is through WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web was originally created to make it easier for you to open WhatsApp directly through a browser on a PC. Unfortunately, this feature is actually exploited by hackers to tap other people's WA.

It's so easy, you don't have to be a hacker to be able to do this. In addition, there are also hackers who take advantage of spy applications, such as WhatsDog.


Anyway, there are still lots of tricks for hackers to tap other people's WA. This should make you more aware the same as the dangers of an all-digital world.

Various Ways You Can Do to Hack WhatsApp

To treat your curiosity, Jaka has collected several ways to tap WA which are 100% successful and very effective. Meanwhile, ApkVenue will divide the tutorial into 2, namely: with app and without app.

If you can't wait to know, just read on in full below, gang!

How to Hack WhatsApp Using Apps

First of all, ApkVenue will tell you about how to hack WhatsApp using additional applications. Of the many applications for tapping WA, ApkVenue recommends 2 applications, namely: AirDroid and ClonApp Messenger.

How to Hack WhatsApp Remotely Without Root: Air Droid

AirDroid is an application that serves to connect Android devices and PCs / laptops via a wireless network. With AirDroid, you can access other people's WhatsApp via your desktop.

The cool thing is, you don't need root access to use AirDroid. However, you must install this application, both on the cellphone whose WhatsApp you will tap and also on the PC you are using.

  • Step 1: First you need to install the app AirDroid Desktop on your PC first. You can download via the link below.
Apps Productivity Sand Studio DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2: After the download is complete, install the application. Click next.
  • Step 3: Select the destination folder to save this software. Wait a few moments, then click Finish.
  • Step 4: Do sign in by using an email address, Facebook account, or Twitter.
  • Step 5:Desktop AirDrop is ready to use.
  • Step 6: Well, now you can borrow your girlfriend's cellphone or the person you want to tap WA to install the AirDroid application. Click the link below to download:
Apps Productivity Sand Studio DOWNLOAD
  • Step 7: Login by selecting menu Me and click the button Tap to sign in. You must sign in using the same account you use on the desktop application.
  • Step 8: Next, select menu Security & Remote Features. Activate features Notification Desktop.
  • Step 9: After you activate this feature, all kinds of notifications will appear on your computer, even WhatsApp chats.
  • Step 10: So that you don't get caught by your girlfriend, you can install an application that functions to hide applications. You can hide AirDroid installed on your girlfriend's cellphone.
How to Hack WhatsApp Using the ClonApp Messenger Application

ClonApp Messenger is an application that serves to clone WhatsApp accounts. This application allows you to open other people's WhatsApp accounts on your cellphone by taking advantage of the features scan barcodes like WhatsApp Web.

  • Step 1: First, you can download the application ClonApps Messenger developed by Karoon. Unfortunately, this application is no longer available Google Play Store. But you can still download this application via the link below:

Download ClonApp Messenger via this link

  • Step 2: After you open it, the application will ask for several permissions ranging from permission to access your files and data, make phone calls to find out the location of your Android device. Give permission by selecting ALLOW on all three.
  • Step 3: CloneApp Messenger will display the WhatsApp barcode. Now, you can borrow the cellphone of the person you want to tap, genvg.
  • Step 4: Open the WhatsApp application on the person's cellphone, then select the menu WhatsApp Web at the top right of the screen.
  • Step 5: After the display appears scan code on that person's HP, immediately scan barcode that appears in the CloneApp Messenger application on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 6: The person's WhatsApp account will be automatically accessed on your smartphone. You can now access and read every message in the WhatsApp account without fear of being found out by the account owner.
  • Step 7: Not only can you tap WA, you can also reply to chats in the WhatsApp account, you know!

Actually, there are many other applications that you can use to tap WA. For the full application, you can visit the following article:


How to Hack WhatsApp Without an Application, Can You?

If you are lazy to download additional applications to follow the above method of tapping WA, this one is perfect for you, gang!

Curious? Check out the tutorial on how to hack WhatsApp using a cellphone number or email on the following iPhone / Android!

How to Hack Whatsapp with WhatsApp Web

Actually, this one tutorial is somewhat similar to how to use the ClonApp application above. The difference is, you no longer need to download ClonApp and just access it from your cellphone, gang.

If you want to know how to hack your wife's WhatsApp abroad with WhatsApp Web, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the browser application on your cellphone. Click on the options button on the right, then tick Desktop Site.

  • Step 2: Then, go to the site to open the WhatsApp Web page. Remember, options Desktop Site must be on, gang. If you can't, you can clear history and cache in your browser.

  • Step 3: The main WhatsApp Web page will open on your cellphone complete with QR Code.

  • Step 4: Borrow the cellphone you want to tap, then open the application WhatsApp on the HP. Click on the Menu button at the top right, then select an option WhatsApp Web.

  • Step 5: Scan the QR Code on your cellphone using the WhatsApp application on someone else's cellphone.

  • Step 6: Done! Now you can monitor all the chats that come into that person's WhatsApp using your own cellphone without an application.
How to Tap WA Via Email, Perfect for Stalking Couples!

In addition to via WhatsApp Web, there are also, you know, how to hack WA via email. As we know, WhatsApp has a feature to archive all chat history.

The purpose of this feature is to capture all incoming and outgoing chats on your WhatsApp. With files mem-backup, you can search for important files or chats from someone who has been deleted.

However, this time we will not use it to open old messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp, but to peek at WA messages on other people's cellphones.

It's easy. You stay open Settings on your girlfriend's WA, then select Chats. After that click on Chat History to be able toexport chat.

Furthermore, choose one chat on the girlfriend's cellphone that you want to peek at. You can choose to export text only or complete by selecting Include Media / Without Media.

After that select Email and enter personal email address you. Wait a moment until WhatsApp sends an archive of your boyfriend's conversations with other people via email.

For more details, you can click on the following article:


Dangers of Hacking WhatsApp

After you learn how to tap WA above, Jaka also wants to give you a warning, gang. You have to remember that this thing you are doing is illegal.

Other people's private conversations, whether they are close friends or girlfriends are not public consumption that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Especially if you use it for your own benefit. If you get caught by someone else who you tap, you might reported to the police for violating the law.

People who tap illegally can be sentenced to prison up to 15 years based on Law No. 36 of 1999 article 56.

Not to mention if you spread other people's unpleasant things that you tap. You might get violated ITE Law and put you in prison even longer.

Thus Jaka's article on how to tap the latest WA in 2020 which is very often used. Don't abuse it to do criminal things, gang!

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