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7 strongest anime characters of all time, really hard to beat!

Not only famous for his iconic appearance or action, his great strength is also able to make this series of anime characters will be remembered by his fans.

Who really likes watching anime movies?

In every anime that you watch, there must be 1 character who very strong and hard to beat. Either this character is an antagonist or an enemy or even the main character himself.

Many of them, because of their strength and prowess, became one of the anime mascots that their fans followed.

The Strongest Anime Character of All Time

Want to know which anime characters are included in it? Well, this time Jaka will discuss 7 strongest anime characters of all time.

Who do you think? Instead of lingering, let's look at the following reviews!

1. All Might - My Hero Academia

Who has watched anime My Hero Academia? For those of you who follow the course of this anime from beginning to end, you must be familiar with the characters All Might.

Real name Toshinori Yagi, All Might became the 8th person to inherit the legendary power named One For All.

It is said that whoever gets this power will be much more formidable and mighty, even stronger than his predecessor.

This is also what makes Katsuki Bakugo compete with Izuku Midoriya. It is said that Midoriya became the 9th person who got this power after being inherited by All Might.

In the future, the competition between the two will be the best anime rivalry which is definitely fun to follow!

2. Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail

This spiky-haired guy with pink color is famous for being able to manipulating fire and make it a very powerful weapon, gang.

No kidding, in every battle you see, he always emits fire from various punches, kicks, even through his mouth!

No wonder he is often dubbed as Dragon Fire. His strength is legendary even in the world of Fairy Tail though.

Not only that. He is also able to analyze enemy movements quickly and precisely. Although Fairy Tail is included in the worst popular anime, but he will always be remembered as an iconic character who mood booster finish!

3. Alucard - Hellsing

For those of you fans of the Hellsing anime series, you must be familiar with this legendary vampire.

Alucard known as a vampire with super powers. He is able to regenerate his body cells very quickly, so he will immediately recover when hit by an arrow or shot.

Not only that, he is also said to have millions of souls and a lot of blood. No wonder, he is categorized as an anime character who can't die, gang!

It is also what causes him to be feared by his opponents. Alucard also did not hesitate to dismember his enemy's body after he killed it. Horrible, huh?

4. Saitama - One Punch Man

Surely you are familiar with anime characters who are described as bald superheroes with flat faces?

Apart from the anime depiction that will make you laugh, this anime character is known to be very tough and strong, you know!

Saitama famous for being able hit the opponent with super powers. So strong, the enemy is able to bounce up to tens of meters.

He was also able to defeat various kinds of enemies in the One Punch Man series. So strong then the question arises, who do you think the anime character is? able to defeat Saitama?

5. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

Actually, this One Piece anime character only has 1 main strength, which is being able to lengthen his limbs freely. You know, just the name Rubberman, right?

Well, because Luffy willing to learn to develop his strength, Luffy is finally able to defeat even his toughest enemies.

His strength will also increase as the length of the journey he goes through, especially against enemies. Later he will become the strongest and richest pirate king in the world.

Want to follow the story that is more exciting? You can still follow this story through a series of comic reading sites One Piece in Indonesian, lol!

6. Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto

Who is a loyal fan of one of the best action anime of all time? Surely you are very familiar with this iconic ninja from Konoha Village.

Born from a variety of painful life and learning processes, Naruto grew to become one of the most powerful shinobi of all time.

One of them is the speed and power of his many and varied attacks. He is also able to turn into Kyubi no Kurama aka the strong and mighty 9-tailed weasel.

7. Son Goku - Dragon Ball

Who as a child really liked to wait Dragon Ball on the television screen? Besides being a favorite of 90s generation, Son Goku as the main character is also known to be very strong.

His strength is so great, he can even easily destroy planets with a few moderate blows, you know!

Not only that, Goku is also able to issue high-level Saiyan powers in various levels, ranging from Super Saiyan until Super Saiyan 4. That's why, he is called one of the strongest characters of all time.

Those are the 7 strongest anime characters of all time. By the way, which character is your favourite? Or maybe, you have other opinions besides the above?

Come on, don't forget to write your opinion or hope in the comments column below. See you in the next Jala article!

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