5 software to create android apps without coding

It turns out that in addition to typing coding, there are a number of software to create Android applications without coding.

Android applications are a very important part of our lives today, because the various Android applications available have helped us a lot in carrying out various activities. As we know, to create an Android application, of course, requires the ability to type certain program codes (coding) to be able to create an Android application.

Of course, not everyone has this coding ability because it takes a higher level of reasoning and logic to be able to build a good Android application based on typed code. Well, it turns out that in addition to typing coding, there are a number of services that users can use to create an Android application which of course does not require you to do coding. What are these services? Here's the review.

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1. Andromo


Andromo is one of the best services that you can use to create Android applications without requiring any coding skills. Andromo works by generating Java program code for each application that you create and doing compile the codes through the cloud computing system (Cloud) using the Android SDK.


By using this service, you can create Android applications that have a number of powerful features such as interactive maps, galleries for photos, feeds from social media and much more. In addition, the application that you create can later be translated into 24 different languages.

2. TheAppBuilder


TheAppBuilder is the next service that you can use to create Android applications and is very suitable for making corporate or enterprise scale applications. All applications that you create using this service will be stored securely in the cloud (hosted in the US or UK) with an end to end encryption security system.


You can create various types of Android applications such as internal communication applications, applications for managing company operations, HR applications, applications for promoting and scheduling corporate events and much more.

3. AppMachine


AppMachine is the next service that you can use to create Android applications. You can use this service to create your company applications or applications for personal use to then publish on the Android and Apple platforms.


Several types of Android applications that you can create with this service are business applications, online stores, news channels, music applications and many more.

4. MobileRoadie


MobileRoadie is a service that combines aspects of creativity in making Android applications and mobile marketing so that users of this service can easily create their own Media applications.


Media applications that you create with this service will later have a number of features such as photo uploads, RSS feeds, grid and slideshow layouts, URLs for videos, import features from YouTube channels, fullscreen video playback features, audio imports and much more. In addition to Media applications, you can also create various other types of applications such as educational applications, applications for hospitality and retail applications.

5. Good Barber


For those of you who want to create Android applications with a professional-style look, Good Barber is the most appropriate service for you. This service allows you to create various Android applications quickly and easily, whether it's an application native use Objective C for iOS and Java for Android as well as progressive web applications using Angular JS.


For the display side, you can use various types of widgets such as navigation, maps, menus, lists to display photos, videos, and music and many more widgets that you can use according to your needs.

Those were 5 services that you can use to make a Android apps without coding skills, Hopefully useful and good luck. By using the services above you can certainly create certain Android applications with pretty good features and of course you don't need to learn coding first, although it's good if you also understand coding.

, see you and don't forget to leave a comment as well share to your friends.

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