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50+ the most romantic, wise and poetic rain words

You can find the funniest, most poetic, wise, and other rain words here . Can make Instagram captions or other social media!

Rain words sometimes it can make you feel calmer, although usually it will cause confusion because happiness is now just a memory.

That's why not a few people also hate the coming of rain because it can pick up old wounds.

Apart from that, rain has its own meaning for everyone. Moreover, today's young people really like to romanticize many things, such as twilight, coffee, and rain.

To make you look romantic, poetic, and really indie, Jaka has collected many wise, romantic, and even funny rain words for you.

50+ Most Romantic, Wise and Funny Rain Words

To make it easier for you, Jaka has divided the rain words that have been collected into several parts, including wise words, about longing, funny rain words, and others.

In addition to flirting with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can also use the following raining words as a status on FB, WA, or captions on Instagram posts and IG Story.

If you want to know the full words of rain, keep reading this article until it's finished, gang!

Words About Rain and Memories

Rain and memories can really make you upset. Especially if the memories are beautiful memories with loved ones, guaranteed to make you chubby, gang.

Usually at moments like this, most people tend to express their feelings of confusion through words that are used as status or IG stories.

Well, if you are one of those who often do that, here Jaka has a choice caption about rain and the most disturbing memories.

  • "When the rain comes, I want to walk among the drops. So that no one will know, if I'm crying."

  • "Rain and memories are not a healthy combination for someone who is struggling to forget." - Ika Natassa

  • "It never rains with bad intentions. Time and circumstances make it feel bad." - Fiersa Besari

  • "It's raining a sign that someone secretly remembers you and misses you."

  • "No matter how hard it falls, no matter how scary it falls, no matter how painful it falls, rain is still water that will always bring memories and tenderness."

  • "Really, only rain is waiting for me. Because only he is able to disguise my tears in this sadness."

  • "Rain drops of water that fall from the air. Often make puddles, sometimes also bring memories."

  • "Rain is God's poetry that is dropped between our efforts to stay afloat. In drizzles that wet the distance, in groans that release suffocation." - Boy Candra

  • "I hope this rain will stop soon, so that this longing is not too deep to scratch the wound."

  • "If it is likened, love is like rain that does not fall. Yes, it does not wet the earth, but just hangs on the earth."

Rain and Coffee Words

In addition to instant noodles, coffee is also usually a friend who is upset when it rains. The combination of cold weather and warm coffee even more makes you sink into memories.

But, to make it more meaningful, you can use it rain and coffee caption the following for your social media posts.

  • "I just don't want to be rude. Not serving coffee for my poetry when it rains."

  • "Besides coffee and a cigarette, I don't know what else to warm the afternoon after the rain."

  • "Happiness is simple. Coffee, rain and books.""

  • "It doesn't matter whether it's rainy or hot. Coffee is still coffee that can always be enjoyed. And it doesn't matter if you add sugar, milk or creamer. Coffee has a bitter side as an identity."

  • "Happiness is simple. Enjoy a cup of coffee on a cold night accompanied by a rain of happiness."

  • "Yesterday I was there. I waited for the rain to stop at the table by the window, with a cup of coffee that made me and an old story intimate. Alone."

  • "Out of respect for the rain, better have some coffee."

  • "It's raining here. There's a puddle in my cup, the bitterness is exactly what I remember in that memory."

  • "The rain is getting more and more will add to the impression for coffee as a soothing heart when it's cold rain."

Islamic Rain Words

Everything that we have and feel right now is indeed all of God's creation, including the rain for which we are often grateful for its arrival.

Well, as a thank you, you can also use it Islamic quotesabout rain which ApkVenue has collected below.

  • "If it rains as an indicator of Your sustenance, then make this sustenance a lawful sustenance for me to enjoy."

  • "Rain is one way to raise PRAYER."

  • "Rain is one of GOD'S GRACE. Tears are one of GOD'S TARBIAH. Both are signs of GOD DELIVERING..." - Ibn Mussal

  • "God sends rain as an introduction to sustenance to humans. Rain is a mercy from Allah SWT."

  • "Always reassure my heart, so that I can always be grateful for Your favors."

  • "O Allah, make this rain a blessing and a wash for our sins."

  • "Rain brings a message of abundance of GRACE. Rain brings the promise of abundant sustenance. Rain is also proof that Allah is omnipotent." - Pearl of Science

  • "O Allah, give me a rainbow in every rain, a smile in every cry, mercy for every trial, and strength for every guess." - Yum Juri

  • "Allahumma sayyiban naafi'a (O Allah send down beneficial rain)."

  • "Thank You for Your mercy, O Lord, the raindrops sow peace for the whole world."

Words of Rain Bring Blessings

Although in some areas the arrival of rain often triggers floods. But without you realizing it, the rain also actually brings blessings to some people, gang.

Well, for those of you who feel the pleasure of the coming rain, you can also install status using rain caption brings blessings the following.

Don't just post words of disappointment, okay?

  • "When it rains, it not only brings a million beautiful memories with you, but also brings a million blessings to this earth."

  • "At that time, my back was the rain that depicted separation, which required a departure that the heart never gave up."

  • "Today's rain is still watering the earth, hopefully the hearts and souls that are in turmoil are also watered."

  • "The rain that falls on the earth, is able to provide benefits to every creature. Are you still reluctant to be grateful?"

  • "Behind every drop of rain, there is a smile that always grows, because rain is not only about ex or crush who broke up in the middle of the road."

  • "Rain in the morning, it's also His grace, no need to grumble in your heart, it's enough to be grateful, may the rain bring blessings this morning."

  • "Things will definitely get better, now you may face a storm but remember the rain will definitely stop."

  • "Never blame the rain when it floods. Rain is only carrying out its obligations to wet the earth, but humans who make the earth seem not ready to welcome the rain."

  • "Rainbows that appear after the rain become nature's promise if the bad times have passed, and the future will be fine."

  • "Rain doesn't just come alone it comes with coolness, bad things don't come alone it comes with learning."

Words About Rain in English

Want to look slang on social media? Usually, people will make English captions to make it look cool, gang!

Well, if you want to follow the trend but aren't really good at English, you can choose one of the collections English rain caption below this.

  • "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." - Bob Marley

  • "If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer's crop, who are we to say it shouldn't rain?" - Tom Barrett

  • "The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling." - Lucretius

  • "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." - Rabindranath Tagore

  • "Rain didn't make things messy. People did that all on their own." - Barbara Delinsky, The Secret Between Us

  • "On a sunny clear day, you can improve your body; on a rainy fogy day, you can improve your mind!" - Mehmet Murat ildan

  • "The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • "I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying." - Charlie Chaplin

  • "You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part if it." - Denzel Washington

  • " And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

Funny Rain Words in Javanese

Humor in this day and age can be done in various ways without having to meet face to face. For example, using funny rain words in Javanese which you can use for status on social media, gang.

No need to worry if you can't string funny Javanese words together, because here Jaka already has a collection.

  • "Wong is weird! When you sing in the midst of MEMORIES, why don't you dry out..."

  • "Saiki...The rain is very deres, the gludug is pauser jeder. I'm afraid dewekan in the room.."

  • "Udane is durable, your lambe patch is nagging, it's not sloppy."

  • "Sometimes I want to walk in the pouring rain, so people don't know if I pee NANG JERO KATOK."

  • "Udan, Hawane wants to pick something up..."

  • "Udane roto..!! Roto-roto banyu."

Wise Rain Quotes

First of all, Jaka will tell you some wise rain words Jaka's best choice. The following aphorisms make you realize that rain has a deep philosophy.

You say you like rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it.

I like to walk in the rain, so that no one can see me cry.

Feelings like rain, never come with evil intentions. Circumstances and times that make us hate his arrival.

The rainbow that appears after the rain is nature's promise that the bad times have passed and the future will be fine.

From the rain I learned the language of water how many times it fell without complaining at all to fate.

If I can walk upright in the hot sun, then I should be able to do the same in the speed of the rain.

The kind words we say to our spouses are stored in a secret place in heaven. One day, they will fall like rain, then scatter, and the mystery of our love will blossom in all corners of the world.

Clouds came floating in my life, no longer bringing rain or storms, but to add color to my twilight sky.

Some poets are busy hiding behind the twilight, rain, stars, horizon, mountains, beaches, orange, violet, coffee, renjana, as well as various other romantic words, to then forget the fact that the world is not okay. Until finally the words are just decoration.

If it's hot, dry your wound. If it rains, enjoy the longing. If it's dark, let hope guide you. The sun will always rise, so will your smile.

I am the rain, if you don't like it please take shelter.

Some people feel the rain. Others just feel wet.

How long can you usually wait for the rain to stop? Until I can see the rainbow.

What do you like the most? Rain. Why is it raining? Because it always rains no matter what people say. When it rains, there are people who berate him for disturbing his day, or making his laundry not dry, or it could be because that person is afraid of flooding in his home area. However, the rain would still fall because he knew there was always someone to remind him of his presence. Either because you are bored with the prolonged dry season, or want to see a rainbow afterward. So, I want to be like the rain, regardless of people who don't like me. I will continue to live and work. Because, I know there is always someone who loves me.

If rain is a problem for you, you should deal with it directly, not avoid it by using an umbrella. You don't enjoy life if you keep running away from problems.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.

  • "Never fall in love when it rains. Because the day after tomorrow you are heartbroken, every time it rains, you will be reminded of that painful incident. When other people are happy looking at the rain, you are sadly sad looking out the window." - Tere Liye

  • "If I can walk upright in the hot sun, then I should be able to do the same in the speed of the rain." - Bambang Ultimate

  • "The verandah is silent and it's raining, but the conversation that roses makes us always go back to the rainbow and Rumi." - Helvy Tiana Rosa

  • "If it rains, I won't give you a jacket. Because if I get sick, who will take care of you later." - Pidi Baiq

  • "Look not at the rain of what falls, but in what will grow." - Agus Noor

Missing Rain Quotes

Do you really miss your girlfriend or crush? Instead of saying "i miss you" or give a code through a romantic song, it's better to love miss rain words no, gang!

Rain's words about longing are certainly romantic and guaranteed to make the doi's heart melt. Can't wait, right? Go ahead, come on!

The wind is worried and the rustle of the trees accompanies the rain falling on the longing veranda. I'm stuck in my teeth hugging the night that you.

Several times I found my own dream slumped in front of the door. Soaked by rain. Like dirty clothes I wash and dry in a large yard. At times like that I always remember your face and your eyes when you look at me; always calm and uplifting. So I believe in the end distance only separates the body. But he was never able to keep away the dreams, images and memories that we pinned together in the most silent longing.

And the second reason rain falls on the earth is to breathe longing in the hearts of people.

Rain and you are longing. We will enjoy it in the twilight of going home. In a love that will never go away. Even when the rain has stopped.

You know the most heartless person? He who is far from his lover in the rain, but does not produce poetry.

If it's hot, dry your wound. If it rains, enjoy the longing. If it's dark, let hope guide you. The sun will always rise, so will your smile.

Why do we remember so many things when it rains? Because memories are like rain. When it comes, we can't stop it. How to stop water droplets falling from the sky? Can only wait, until it finishes by itself.

Time breaks down the raindrops into grains of memories. He searched without permission to the conscience.

Because after the rain there is always someone who comes as a rainbow, and hugs you.

Being with you is the most beautiful thing in my life. About other feelings that are present, jealous, and longing. But I like the sensation, like smelling the aroma after the rain. It's things like that that keep me away from you.

Rain and crush are similar. Some claim to like it, but only look at it from a warm seat, saying romantic words without ever wanting to touch it. There are those who really like, overcome the discomfort, directly interact with him even though they risk getting sick.

There's nothing more steadfast

There is always something that makes you fall asleep and helpless in the rain, in the drizzle and smell, in the sound and melancholy, in the slow yet brutal way of picking unwanted memories.

For me, the rain keeps a wild hum that whispers 1001 stories. Every drop that is melodious whispers softly, voicing the song of nature that makes me long to smell the smell of wet earth.

Me and you, like rain and shade. Have you heard their story? Rain and shade are destined to meet, but not together on the way. Such is our love. Like guessing a gray sky.

If you believe rain is one percent water, ninety-nine percent memories, then go ahead. If I believe that rain is one hundred percent miss, that's my business.

  • "Let the rain fall harder, so that I can leave longing through the water that will flow into your heart."

  • "If the rain brings water, why do those who inundate miss it?"

  • "I miss you like the earth looks at the clouds, with the most secret words it prays for you to be rain."

  • "A pool of rain on the palms, is a wet prayer on the night floor, a soul that cries feels lost, hoping for a homecoming."

  • "Tonight is enough just the rain that strips me of longing, for you."

Funny Rain Words

Not only the wise and describe the longing, it turns out there are also funny rain words that can make you smile and laugh.

You can make an alternative if for example you are tired of making captions using ordinary funny words, gang!

Rain = 1% memories, 99% remember boiled noodles + eggs + sliced ​​chili

The rain is still water and he still belongs to someone else.

Sometimes I want to walk in the pouring rain so people don't know I'm peeing my pants.

If the rain brings longing, I better lie down until I fall asleep.

There will always be a rainbow after the rain. But sometimes it rains at night, so the rainbow can't be seen.

The grass on the other side is greener. But when it rains it's just as good.

Cloudy is not necessarily rain. Singles are not necessarily lonely. PDKT is not necessarily invented. Dating is not necessarily going to the aisle.

His intention was to stop at the side of the road to put on a raincoat, when he put it on the rain stopped. Sometimes it rains like that.

The rain makes you worried, afraid that your heart is getting colder.

When it rains, the earth's gravity = 9.81 m/s2 while the mattress's gravity = 10x the earth's gravity

  • "When the rain goes away all that's left is a puddle. When love goes away, all that's left is memories."

  • "If the rain brings longing, I'd better lie down until I fall asleep."

  • "There will always be a rainbow after the rain. But if it rains at night, the rainbow is invisible."

  • "Given the wrong rain, given the heat of anger. Later if the rain is given hot water, you will be stunned."

  • "The drizzle remembers the former, the rain remembers the memories. The flood remembers God."

Night Rain Quotes

Next, Jaka will give you some rainy night words. Night is synonymous with darkness, especially if it rains at night. It further strengthens the impression of confusion and longing, gang.

Rain at the end of the night. The land smiles at you. And the scent of flowers completes the longing.

Tonight is enough just the rain that strips me of longing, for you.

Don't be like the rain tonight, which only stops for a while and then leaves leaving a mark.

With the rain that fell tonight, I fell on a feeling that turned into tears.

Why do we remember so many things when it rains? Because memories are like rain. When it comes, we can't stop it. How to stop water droplets falling from the sky? Can only wait, until it finishes by itself.

My love is as strong as the rain in the night, it still comes down to earth even though it doesn't promise a rainbow.

When love doesn't give any meaning anymore, it only gives a heart-wrenching wound. As if it was night, where the rainstorm never stopped. But all this I have to face because the journey of life will never stop

I'm a lonely tear, reflecting the color of the night after the rain. And you, the most stubborn memories are hard to exchange and measure

The heart is sad tonight, not to mention the rain that is reluctant to stop, there is only one hope that the rain will always bring blessings today and tomorrow

That feeling still sneaks through the raindrops tonight. A feeling that refuses to leave and will always be there.

  • "Dreams are like the rain tonight, which only stops for a while and then leaves its mark."

  • "The rain that fell tonight blasted loudly over my head, refreshing the memory of you. The one I call the woman who is now missing brings memories that I can't forget."

  • "A drop of rain last night, will hide among the thick leaves in the garden. Then it will continue to flow, until it empties into the cracks of your dry heart."

  • "My love is as strong as the rain in the night. It still falls even though there is no rainbow."

  • "Even the night rain that falls, is still beautiful, even though it can't show a beautiful rainbow."

Rain Quotes in the Morning

After discussing the words rain at night, it feels unfair if Jaka doesn't include words of rain in the morning.

Instead of spreading bucin words on social media in the morning when it rains, it's better to use a collection of rain captions in the following morning. Very poetic, gang!

The passionate longing is like rain in the morning, no one expects but will still come.

It didn't feel like the day had changed and the rain came to welcome the morning. It's time to stand up and get ready to challenge yourself.

Morning, rain and a cup of coffee. You have an ocean to be happy, why choose to swim in the pool of sadness?

When it rains in the morning, I'm reluctant to complain. Because what I see, morning will never change, and morning is morning, where morning is the time to move on.

The rain in the morning is like washing away the clear dew that teaches us that no human is perfect. And no matter how clear our hearts are, sometimes we have to wash them to make them even better.

What's worse than rain on a Monday morning? The fact that you are still living in the dark past!

Rain in the morning, refreshing, awakening the love and compassion of God that falls many times to those who want to seek

I miss the sunshine, I miss the cool dew this morning. Even though it's raining all over this land, I want you to know that I miss you.

Rain on Monday morning, make them stop and take shelter first. Family heroes.

On this cold and rainy morning. I remember our memories.

  • "When it rains in the morning, I am reluctant to complain, because what I see, morning never changes, morning is the time to walk. Good morning friends, happy activities."

  • "I can't believe the day has changed and the rain has come to welcome the morning, it's time to get up and get ready for today."

  • "It's raining this morning, as if it understands a crying heart. Good morning everyone."

  • "It doesn't feel like the day has changed, and the rain has come to welcome the morning, it's time to stand up and get ready to challenge yourself."

  • "The passionate longing is like rain in the morning, no one expects it but will still come."

Thus Jaka's article about a collection of rain words that are poetic, romantic, wise, and many others. Rain sometimes does make us more creative in stringing beautiful words.

But, on the other hand, this moment also often makes us confused about the beautiful things that have now become memories. Hopefully you can get inspiration from the rain, gang.

Don't forget to write your comments or opinions in the column provided. See you again!

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