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7 famous actors who failed miserably in action films, no talent?

Action films can't be filled with actors carelessly. The difficult cast made several famous actors have to fail and bear the shame. Here's the list!

As actors, they are required to be able to adapt in all the film scenes they play, whether it's comedy, mystery, to action. If they're not good at improvising and adapting, they won't sell well and are rarely called upon to casting.

However, actors are also human. Several times their acting failed and caused severe embarrassment. This does not only happen to new actors, but even famous actors have experienced it. Usually, they experience such failure in action films.

This is understandable, because action films are considered a difficult film genre and require high adaptability for the actors. This time, Jaka will describe 7 famous actors who failed miserably while acting in action films. Here's the review!

Famous Actors Who Totally Failed to Act in Action Films

Noted, this row of famous actors have failed in the action films that he starred in. Some of them even led to the end of his career in acting. Here's the list!

1. Kristin Kreuk - Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

Born and raised in Canada, Kristin Kreuk's career has grown exponentially thanks to the television series she has played in, from Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (2001) to Beauty & the Beast (2011-2016).

Well, in those times too, he tried his luck in playing in a row of Hollywood films. Some are quite successful, such as Partition (2007), but some are a total failure, such as in one of the sequels to the film Street Fighter.

In the film, his acting seems to be lacking perform well, even tend to be normal. It could be, this is also influenced by the lack of budget in the production process of the film, so the film Street Fighter also failed at the box office.

2. Tyler Perry - Alex Cross (2012)

Tyler Perry is a versatile actor. He played all kinds of roles. Not only that, he is also a reliable producer, director, and even a scriptwriter. Some of the films that he played at the same time were films that he worked on himself.

Even so, Tyler Perry has failed in several films. One of the most severe is Alex Cross (2012). Even so, his failure in this film is not purely his fault, but because of the unprofessionalism of the director who is not good at managing the film production process.

The film itself was heavily criticized, even the rating fell. On Rotten itself, this film only gets 11%, while on IMDb it only gets 4.1/10. Sad, gang!

3. Pamela Anderson - Barb Wire (1996)

Pamela Andreson was a famous television star of her time. His popularity has invited many film producers to put him in the world of acting. He also played several films, but one that failed miserably was the film Barb Wire.

Released in 1996, this film tells the story of Pamela Anderson who struggles against criminals and the enemies around her. Unfortunately, the plot and acting of the actors, including Pamela, are more like porn movies than action films.

As a result, this film was criticized by many parties. No kidding, this film got a flood of the worst awards and nominations, especially the Golden Raspberry Awards. Shame on you, gang!

4. Chris Klein - Stormbreaker (2006)

Chris Klein is a Hollywood actor who is quite reckoned with because of his total and soulful acting. However, as Jaka said above, not all great actors can perform optimally in various types of film genres. The same thing happened to Chris.

After successfully playing in several films, he also played the character of Alex Rider, a secret spy in the film Stormbreaker (2006). Unfortunately, this film failed and almost ruined his career.

Actually, Chris' acting isn't that bad here. He managed to portray the character of Alex with totality. However, the strange and cringy plot of the story makes the audience not feel at home watching this film for a long time.

5. Sam Worthington - Clash of the Titans (2010)

Who is not familiar with this Hollywood actor? Achieving success when he played in the film Avatar (2009), he also acted in other cross-genre films.

Even so, Sam Worthington's popularity waned over time. This could be due to his acting skills are increasingly declining. In particular, when he played in Clash of Titans.

It's not only the film which isn't that great, the acting here is also quite ordinary and lacking perform. Is that what caused his name to sink even more?

6. Taylor Lautner - Abduction (2011)

Who doesn't know Taylor Lautner? This handsome and sexy actor became an idol when he played the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga film franchise. Thanks to the film, his career in the world of acting so sharply increased.

Unfortunately, the character of Jacob is so strong that he can't even play Taylor perform maximum for playing in other films. One of them that became the spotlight of many people at that time was when he played in the film Abduction (2011).

In this film, Taylor failed to bring the role that was entrusted. In fact, he is like an extra actor who is playing in a film for the first time. As a result, Taylor's name was sinking even more and almost never played a movie again until now.

7. Alicia Silverstone - Batman & Robin (1997)

As a top Hollywood actress, Alicia has starred in several famous films. Indeed, the majority of the films he has played are the best comedy genre films, for example Butter (2011) and Valley Girl (2020).

Alicia has also acted in action films several times. However, the film Batman & Robin, which he starred in in 1997, almost ruined his career.

Yes indeed, the film itself is also really bad, even crowned as the worst Batman film of all time. Alicia's own acting as Batgirl also seems strange and cringe. Maybe Alicia is more appropriate to play in comedy films, okay!

That was a row of famous actors who failed miserably when acting in action films. What do you think, gang?

Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below. See you in the next Jaka article!

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