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how to make secreto and add it on social media

Do you want to know what other people think about you? You can use Secreto. Here's how to make Secreto and put it on IG, WA, FB, and Twitter!

You are curious how do people comment about yourself? But sometimes other people are reluctant to tell the truth to you because they are embarrassed.

Now there is a solution, gang. You can use Secreto, a secret messaging site that allows anyone to comment without being identified.

If you don't know what is secreto and how it works, don't worry, Jaka will tell you everything. Here Jaka gives tips how to make secreto complete with how to install it on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

What is Secreto?

Secreto is a secret messaging service site. This site will later be integrated with social media that you have like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Secreto will allow anyone to comment on other people without knowing the identity.

With Secreto, you can hear honest comments from everyone about yourself. You can also know their comments secret admirer who dare not speak directly.

Now, after knowing what Secreto is, Jaka will tell you the easiest way to make Secreto. Curious right? Here's the review!

How to Create a Secreto Account

How to create a new Secreto ID is very easy, practical, and anti-complicated. Follow Jaka's guide below, OK!

Step - 1: Please open browser you and enter the Secreto website address, you can Click here. After that you will enter the Secreto home page.

Step - 2: After that to create a Secreto account you will be asked to enter Language and Your name. If everything is filled, click Enter.

  • When the loading process is complete, you will enter the page Home Secreto. You will find a link that you can copy and share to all social media accounts you. Other people will comment or send you a secret message via this link.

Your next task is spread the link, so you can receive honest messages from friends or secret admirer you. It can be via Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or group chat.

That was how to make Secreto. Very easy, right?

How to Put Secreto on Instagram

Once you know how to make Secreto, you will know how to install Secreto on your Instagram account. How to do? Here's the guide!

Step - 1: To add it to Instagram, you have to open your Instagram profile tab then, click Edit Profile.

Step - 2: After that paste the link from Secreto and enter it in the column website. Then save by clicking the tick icon in the upper right corner.

Step - 3: Secreto link is already installed on your profile. You can tell all your friends or followers to comment via the link.

Finished! That's how to install Secreto ID on your IG account. Very easy isn't it? Who knows you can know tips and tricks to become a celebrity with a secret message that appears in your Secreto account.

How to Install Secreto on Whatsapp

You can also share this link on Whatsapp, gang. The method just like making a normal status.

Copy the Secreto link into status Whatsapp. You can add interesting information so that others can comment via your Secreto link.

That's how to install the Secreto link on your WA. Very easy, right?

How to Put Secreto on Twitter

Just like on IG or WhatsApp, you can also share on your other social media accounts, for example Twitter.

Twitter who's been back lately popular because his tweets or funny videos are the reason why many users are also curious about other people's opinions about him.

The method just like making a normal status. Copy the Secreto link into twitter Twitter. You can add interesting information so that others can comment via your Secreto link.

That's how to install the Secreto link on your WA. Very easy, right?

Here's How to View Secreto Messages

Then how to see all the messages that have been sent to you? Actually it's really easy, gang.

You just need to log in again to your Secreto account via Secret ID which you have made. After that, you will immediately be presented with a collection of secret messages in the column Home, exactly below Share Link.

That's how to view Secreto's messages. You will know the various secret messages conveyed to you. Cool, right?

Anonymous Messages on Secreto, Good or Bad?

As you know, Secreto features anonymity, which means that no one knows who sent the message to you.

On the one hand, this feature can allow either you or the other person to express their feelings to you without being known.

But be careful, because it is anonymous, people can send negative messages, especially to those who hate you or have a problem with you.

So for those of you who use this application, prepare your mental and heart, yes! Plus don't make this application an event bully to others!

Well, that was it how to make Secreto and put it on social media so it's up to date. It's easy? You can try it on both PC and smartphone, so let's try it now.

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