5 most common google chrome problems and how to solve them

Want to know what problems we most often encounter on Google Chrome and how to solve Google Chrome problems? Read more about Jaka's review, come on!

Google Chrome is one of the browser which most used at this time, both by Android smartphone users and those who prefer to use a laptop or computer desktop. Amount extension which is available for this browser made by Google search engine too getting easier users in surfing the virtual world, using Android smartphone devices and computers.

However, sometimes we often experience very annoying problems when using Google Chrome. Some problems like tab Frequent Chrome freeze or the term crash, problem crash on Google Chrome when it's just opened, and the frequent crashes of extensions in Chrome are some of the most frustrating and emotional problems for us. But don't worry, Jaka has a solution. Check out this Jaka review.

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5 Ways to Solve Google Chrome Problems

In addition to its simple and attractive appearance, Google Chrome also in demand because it is touted as a browser that most fast and stable when compared to other similar browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Well, related common problems with Google Chrome, to calm all of you, this time Jaka will discuss it and of course Jaka will too provide solutions for each issue to be discussed. Come on, let's talk about it in full.

1. Google Chrome Tabs Often Freeze

The first problem that most people experience when using Google Chrome, both on smartphones and on other computer devices is tabs that are closed often freezes or crashes.

This problem is generally caused by the extension on your Chrome incompatible with the Google Chrome browser itself or because the quality of the extensions you install on Google Chrome is not good, in a sense extension code structure that's not good.

If you often experience problems like this, there are some things what you can do to solve it, like the following:

  • In the address bar of the Google Chrome browser, type chrome://extensions to access the list of extensions installed on your Google Chrome, then remove the check on choice enable for all installed extensions.
  • The second way is that you need to type chrome://conflicts to access the modules section in your Google Chrome. Here, you can view module list related to your Google Chrome. If there is a module who are in conflict, you just do uninstall the module. Usually the module is part of the application, so just uninstall the app which has the module.
  • The third way is that you can do reset Google Chrome settings by accessing Settings > Show Advance Settings > Reset Settings and select an option Reset.

2. Google Chrome Crash When Opened

The next problem is Google Chrome which crashes often. Things like this are generally caused by the number of tabs you have open in one Chrome window or because presence of malware or something that makes the workload of your computer system increase.

For the record, Google Chrome takes up quite a lot of RAM when running so that the presence of malware and too many tabs will actually cause increase the chance of crash or not responding on Google Chrome.

To overcome this, you can do the following things:

  • Do Restart on your Google Chrome browser and clean it cache and Google Chrome browser cookies you by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  • Do Re-Install (re-install) on your Google Chrome browser and make sure your Google Chrome version is new version. If it's not the latest version, do it version update.
  • Do Scanning on your device for destroy the virus which might overload your system by using anti Virus.

  • You can also reset Google Chrome settings the same way like you do when Google Chrome freezes or crashes.


3. Failed to Load Page on Google Chrome

Generally, the problem fails loading page this is considered due to problems with the internet connection when we are using Google Chrome. Indeed, there is some truth to this, but there are other factors too which causes this page to fail loading. Call it the factor of your Google Chrome version that hasn't up-to-date or not the latest version.

To overcome this you guys can do some things:

  • Clear Google Chrome cache and cookies via Ctrl + Alt + Delete and do a restart.

  • Make sure your Google Chrome version is new version. If it's not the latest version, do it version update like you did when you had a crashing Google Chrome problem.

  • Entered into Settings > Advanced Settings, then search Hardware Acceleration and uncheck the options Use Hardware Acceleration.

  • You can do too right click on the Google Chrome icon, then select tab Compatibility and uncheck the Run in Compatibility Mode. Then restart your Google Chrome.

4. New Tabs Often Open Alone

The problem with new tabs that keep opening in Google Chrome is indeed very annoying. This problem itself is a result of the large number of advertisements found on website that you visit via the Chrome browser. It can also be caused by the virus that has infiltrated to Android smartphone devices or other computer devices.

To solve this problem, you can use the following two ways:

  • Do Scanning on your system by using a number of anti Virus on Android smartphone devices or other computer devices.
  • Clear cache and cookies via Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your Chrome browser.

  • Use extension Adblocker. Whatever the type, as long as that Adblocker, ApkVenue pretty sure the new tab problem in your Google Chrome can be resolved quickly.

5. Flash Player Often Crashes on Google Chrome

Flash Player is a plug-ins which allows users to watch videos through sites such as YouTube. However, we often find conditions when we are enjoying watching videos through the Chrome browser, suddenly a notification appears Adobe Flash Player Has crashed.

It is itself because of Google Chrome unable to load plug-in or because the version of Flash Player itself is outdated. Calm down, hold your emotions and follow these steps so that you guys can reactivate Flash Player We:

  • Entered into Settings > Advance Settings > Content Settings and in the Flash section, select Ask First Before.
  • If the above method fails, all you have to do is updates your Flash Player version because Google Chrome will only load plug-ins with the latest version. How to update Flash Player via the Google Chrome browser is quite easy. You just type chrome://components in the address bar and select Check for Updates on the Flash Player option.
  • Besides that, you can also try clear cache and cookies your Chrome browser via Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Well, that was just a few Google Chrome problems and how to solve them. Good luck and hopefully useful. Jaka's advice, it's better before the problems above occur, make sure you always update Google Chrome and also Flash Player.

Besides, if it is often browsing, clear cache and cookies Chrome browser. If necessary, clean it too history your Chrome browser to prevent problems as described above. Also make sure your computer system or Android device is free of viruses.

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