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how to make your own wa (whatsapp) sticker, easy!

The most complete, easy, and easy way to make WA stickers. In fact, there is a way to make WA stickers without an application!

It turns out that how to make WA (WhatsApp) stickers is quite easy. There is even a way to make WA stickers without an application that does not need to install a third application.

Apart from using Whatsapp emojis, this popular messaging application also has a feature to send WA stickers to each other with a cooler look.

Compared to emojis that seem stiff, WhatsApp stickers You can even customize this yourself. For example, in making WA stickers with your own photos.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the steps or how to make WA stickers, here Jaka has summarized and reviewed how to make your own WA stickers on an Android phone which you can do easily.

Preparation Before Making Your Own WA Stickers

Actually, on the Google Play Store, there are already many funny and cool WA sticker applications that provide sticker pack WhatsApp that you can download and use for free.

But for those of you who are narcissistic, of course make WA stickers with your own photos will be something interesting. Especially if you use it with school friends or co-workers in the WA group, here!

photo source:

Before proceeding to how to make WA stickers, you need to know what things you must prepare before following the steps.

There are at least three things you must do so that the size of your WA sticker has HD quality and is optimally used when chat. Here are some conditions!

  1. Make sure download application to make WA stickers on Android, namely: Background Eraser, PicsArt, and Personal Stickers for WhatsApp.

  2. Prepare at least three photos to be used as stickers to be added to the WhatsApp application.

  3. To make a large size WA sticker, try the size of the photo that will be made a sticker inside HD quality (minimum resolution 600 x 600 pixels) with the size do not exceed 1MB.

After the three conditions above have been met, it means that you are ready to follow how to make stickers on WA via Android as follows.

How to Make Your Own WA Stickers on Android Phones

As Jaka mentioned above, you need three applications to make WA stickers on Android phones. This means that there are three important steps that you must follow.

If you are advanced, ApkVenue is sure that you only need less than 5 minutes to make a WA sticker.

So watch carefully so you can quickly become proficient! Are you ready to know how to make WA stickers?

  1. First download application Background Eraser via the link below.
Apps Photo & Imaging handyCloset Inc. DOWNLOAD
  • The Background Eraser itself functions to remove the photo background and convert the JPG to PNG format which is really needed for WA stickers.
  1. Open the Background Eraser application that is already installed then select a photo by tapping the button Load a Photo at first glance.

3.Cropping only the parts that are deemed necessary. Then delete background with various tools provided in the application.

  • Set eraser size with sliders in the below section. There are also features Auto and Magic to remove background automatically.
  • For more detailed results, use the features Zoom to zoom in.
  1. Do the removal carefully so that no important parts are cut off. If you are sure, tap Done button at the top.
  • Next, give effect Smooth so that the edges of the WA PNG image photos look smooth. Then save the image with Save button.
  1. Next download application PicsArt. Get it via the link below.
PicsArt Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD
  • PicsArt itself is a photo editing application that functions to add text and other effects so that the appearance of this homemade WA sticker is more attractive when used for chat.
  1. Then open the app PicsArt already installed and on the main page tap "+" icon which is in the middle.
  • Then select the PNG photo that has been edited in the Background Eraser earlier.
  1. Due to results cropping earlier it might have made the WA sticker change size, then tap the menu Tools > Resize and enter the size of the WA sticker as big as 600 x 600 pixels.
  1. WA stickers generally add funny or funny words to make it more interesting.
  • Just tap Text menu and type the words you want to use.
  1. Edit the text and add various effects, such as changing the font, add a border, add a shadow, and more.
  • If you have just tap icon check at the top.
  • To start saving WA stickers from your own photos, just tap arrow icon which is at the top of the PicsArt app.
  1. To save the edited WA sticker on PicsArt, just tap save and select an option Save photos on your device to put it in the internal memory.
  1. The last application needed is Personal Stickers for WhatsApp which can bedownload via the link below.
Apps Social & Messaging Stukalov DOWNLOAD
  1. Make sure to put all the WA stickers that you want to add in the same folder in internal memory. Don't forget to prepare at least three WA stickers.
  1. Open the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application, then it will automatically detect the folder that was created earlier. Then tap Add button and automatically your WA sticker will be added to WhatsApp.

  2. Once finished, you can immediately use it in the WhatsApp group.

How to Make WA Stickers without an Application

Maybe you are wondering, can we make WA stickers without the help of any application? Unfortunately, after Jaka research, you need additional application assistance.

In other words, if there is a site that claims to know how to make WA stickers without any application, ApkVenue make sure 100% hoax!

Even so, WhatsApp has facilitated and provided WA stickers for free, without you needing to install any applications. Curious? Please read the article below. Guaranteed you can immediately get funny stickers.


Well, that's how to make your own WA stickers on Android phones that you can practice directly to train your creative power.

Besides making your own, you can also download a collection of funny and funny WA stickers that you choose yourself and add them with the application above.

See you in the next Jaka article. Good luck and good luck!

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