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watch movie the way i love you (2019)

Curious to watch the teen romance drama The Way I Love You? You can watch it here you know! (Full Movie)

For you movie lovers with the genre of drama, film The Way I Love You this could be an option, gang.

Starring talented young actors and actresses, this film offers an unusual storyline.

Curious to know the story? Come on, read the synopsis below!

Synopsis The Way I Love You

Directed by Rudi Aryanto, the film The Way I Love You tells the story of Twilight (Syifa Hadju) who often chats with a guy named BadBoy on Blog.

Even though he had never met face to face, Senja felt comfortable and always smiled when he remembered the conversation between the two of them.

On the other hand, Bara (Rizky Nazar) is the most annoying boy in school and Senja's cousin crush, Anya (Tissa Biani).

According to him, Bara is a smart, arrogant, and cool guy. Twilight hopes that Anya quickly realizes that love is not that bad.

Over time, Senja finally met the person behind the BadBoy name, Rasya (Baskara Mahendra).

Together with Rasya, Senja understands all the craziness that can happen in the name of love, as her cousin feels towards Bara.

However, as he gets closer to Rasya, Senja begins to feel that his feelings are different when he talks with BadBoy in chat and with Rasya in the real world.

From there, Senja finally tried to find out and the conflict between Senja and Bara, Anya, and Rasya began.

Interesting Facts about The Way I Love You

Lifting a rectangular love story, the film The Way I Love You certainly has many interesting facts that are rarely known to the public, gang.

Want to know what these interesting facts are? Here are some interesting facts behind the production process of The Way I Love You.

  • The first time paired with Syifa Hadju in a film, Rizky Nazar had time stalking Syifa's social media to find out information about her.

  • Syifa Hadju apparently was stiff when she first met Rizky Nazar.

  • Rizky Nazar is willing to go on a diet to maximize playing the figure of Bara in the film.

Nonton Film The Way I Love You

InformationThe Way I Love You
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.6 (16)
Duration1 hour 34 minutes
Release DateRudi Aryanto
DirectorAsep Kusdinar
PlayerSyifa Hadju

Tissa Biani Azzahra

Lifting a rectangular love story that is rarely found in most other Indonesian films, the film The Way I Love You is a good choice for you to watch, gang.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch the movie The Way I Love You here.

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the rectangular love drama film The Way I Love You, gang.

What interesting films do you want to watch? Write the answer in the comments column below, yes!

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