3 easy ways to optimize RAM performance on Windows

Have you ever experienced when the RAM is quite large, but the PC's performance is still not speeding up? Maybe it's a sign that you have to optimize your PC's RAM. How do you do it? Here, Jaka will tell you. Come on!

Random Access Memory or more commonly called RAM maybe you've known since the beginning you know the PC. RAM is the main memory used to perform temporary storage when the computer is on. The function of this device is nothing but a support for the processor to carry out all processes computing. The speed and capacity of RAM has a close relationship with computer performance.

Maybe you've experienced before when the RAM is quite large, but the performance of the computer device is still have not fulfilled the wish. If that's the case, maybe you need to do some optimization on RAM. Jaka has taken a few simple steps that can actually improve the RAM performance process on your device. Here is the full review.

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3 Easy Ways to Optimize RAM Performance on Windows

1. Use Task Manager

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One fairly simple way is to use Task Manager that is on the operating system on your computer device. Through the Task Manager, you can monitor all activities and processes that run on computer devices.

To access the Task Manager, any operating system have a different way. For example, for Windows, you can access the Task Manager by doing right click on Start Taskbar and select Task Manager. Then you will get a window showing the whole process. Turn off running applications that you don't need.


2. Disable Startup Apps

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This step is advance step after you monitor all processes running on your computer. Application startup are all programs that will automatically run when the computer is turned on. The more programs that are run, of course the process will Heavier.

To solve this, do disable Startup apps. If you're a Windows 8 user, you can do this on the Startup tab of the Task Manager, or via msconfig if you are a Windows 7 user, how to sign in RUN through keyboard by typing Windows + R, then the Run window will appear. Then, type msconfig in the Run window. The msconfig window will appear as below. Uncheck the app you feel no need run automatically after the computer is turned on.

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3. Third Party Apps

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This application option is used to speed up RAM performance. However, the application that you should use should also suit your needs. For example, in several antiviruses that are simultaneously used for tweaks, but you install the app again to do booster. Currently for third-party applications, ApkVenue uses CCleaner on Windows.

Well, that's him how to optimize RAM performance on Windows. By doing these methods, it is proven that the performance of Jaka's PC could be better. Have you tried those methods too? Please share your experience trying it in the comments column below yes.

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