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Do you like the K-Pop girl group TWICE? Don't miss out on the profiles and details of all the members here, gang!

girl group TWICE, which consists of 9 talented singing and dancing women, was formed from reality show Korean named Sixteen from JYP Entertainment.

TWICE debuted on October 20, 2015 by launching The Story Begins . album who won the Song of the Year award from Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Until now TWICE and the 9 members have not given any signal to stop, as evidenced by the release singleFANCY on April 2019 and Feel Special in September 2019 then.

Not only K-Pop group iKON, for those of you who may be new to TWICE, you should also know the member profiles and other intricacies about girl group TWICE.

TWICE Members | Early Formed

TWICE is girl group which was formed under the auspices of JYP Entertainment (JYPE) through a reality show Sixteen selected most of the members.

reality show Sixteen selected 7 out of a total of 9 TWICE members, including Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung.

After that, Park Jin Young (J. Y. Park), the CEO of JYPE decided to add 2 more members, which was finally chosen by Tzuyu and Momo. girl group it has a fan base called ONCE.

Want to know more about TWICE member profile details? Check out the summary that Jaka has made below.

1. Nayeon

TWICE MembersNayeon
The original nameIm Na Yeon
Date of birthSeptember 22, 1995
NationalitySouth Korea
PositionLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center
Tall163 cm
Heavy47 kg
Blood groupA

Member with real name Im Na Yeon he was able to join TWICE because he auditioned for JYPE secretly, because his mother had forbidden him from auditioning for a child model held by JYPE.

Successfully auditioned, Nayeon was chosen as one of the 6mix members who finally disbanded before debut. He plays the role of lead vocals and center on TWICE.

Although born in 1995, Nayeon is the oldest member in TWICE; also known to be good friends with Jisoo from BLACKPINK.

2. Jeongyeon

TWICE MembersJeongyeon
The original nameYoo Jeong Yeon
Date of birthNovember 1, 1996
NationalitySouth Korea
PositionLead Vocalist
Tall169 cm
Heavy49 kg
Blood groupO

Jeongyeon has the initial name Yoo Kyung Wan, which was finally changed when he was in third grade because his friends often teased his name like a boy's name.

Having failed a JYPE audition, Jeongyeon didn't just give up. On March 1, 2010, he passed the audition at JYPE and SM Entertainment, but finally decided to join JYPE.

He has appeared in GOT7's music video, Girls Girls Girls and Miss A, Only You.

3. Momo

TWICE MembersMomo
The original nameHirai Momo
Date of birthNovember 9, 1996
PositionMain Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Tall167 cm
Heavy48 kg
Blood groupA

This TWICE member with the favorite color pink is born in Japan. Name Momo itself means peach in Japanese.

Momo is one of the contestants reality showSixteen who was eliminated, but J. Y. Park let Momo become a member of TWICE because her dancing talent.

His dancing talent started when he was 3 years old, taking dance lessons because he wanted to be a dancer like his older brother.

4. There

TWICE MembersThere
The original nameMinatozaki Sana
Date of birthDecember 29, 1996
Tall168 cm
Heavy48 kg
Blood groupB

There is the second member of TWICE from Japan. Passed the JYPE audition on April 13, 2012, his most outstanding talent is his vocal skills.

The only child in this family has optimistic personality, but a little sloppy. Sana's other skill is writing Japanese calligraphy which she mastered in elementary school.

Sana likes purple, but doesn't like purple clothes. Sana has also appeared in music videos A owned by GOT7.

5. Jihyo

TWICE MembersJihyo
The original namePark Ji Hyo
Date of birthFebruary 1, 1997
NationalitySouth Korea
PositionLeader, Main Vocalist
Tall162 cm
Heavy56 kg
Blood groupO

Originally had a name Park Jisoo, he changed his name to Park Ji Hyo before his participation in reality show Sixteen.

Jihyo has high dedication. He is a member of TWICE with time longest training, reaching 10 years.

Known members dating Kang Daniel it has the role of leader on TWICE; determined through voting anonymously, not determined by the CEO J. Y. Park.

Profile and Bios of Other TWICE Members...

6. Mina

TWICE MembersMina
The original nameMyoui Mina/Sharon
Date of birthMarch 24, 1997
PositionMain Dancer, Vocalist
Tall163 cm
Heavy46 kg
Blood groupA

From native Japanese parents, Mina born in San Antonio, Texas. After auditioning for JYPE in Japan, he was selected to train in Korea on January 2, 2014.

The opposite of Jihyo, Mina is a member of TWICE with time shortest workout. This TWICE member is basically someone who is quiet in public.

Since July 2019, JYPE issued a statement that Mina did not participate in the group's promotional activities because health problems.

7. Dahyun

TWICE MembersDahyun
The original nameKim Da Hyun
Date of birthMay 28, 1998
NationalitySouth Korea
PositionLead Rapper, Vocalist
Tall165 cm
Heavy48.9 kg
Blood groupO

Have dance talent since childhood, Dahyun entered JYPE's talent scout radar; Besides JYPE, he also passed the auditions at SM and YG Entertainment, but in the end Dahyun chose JYPE.

Dahyun has the nickname tofu or Japanese tofu because of his white skin color. Dahyun likes the number 7 because she was chosen as a member of TWICE on July 7th.

It is also known good at playing piano, gang. Has appeared in a music video Stop Stop It belongs to GOT7 and Rose Jang Wooyoung.

8. Chaeyoung

TWICE MembersChaeyoung
The original nameSon Chae Young
Date of birth23 April 1998
NationalitySouth Korea
PositionLead Rapper, Vocalist
Tall163 cm
Heavy48 kg
Blood groupB

have a similar name, TWICE's Chaeyoung and Chaeyoung (Rose) BLACKPINK close known. With Dahyun, Chaeyoung has appeared in the music video Stop Stop It belonged to GOT7 in 2014.

Chaeyoung passed the JYPE audition on June 6, 2012; when he passed, he was counted as having gone through 3 years of training.

With a height of 163 cm, he is TWICE member with the shortest body. He doesn't like sweet food, prefers fruit and vegetables since living with his grandmother in childhood.

9. Tzuyu

TWICE MembersTzuyu
The original nameChou Tzu Yu/Sally
Date of birthJune 14, 1999
PositionLead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Tall170 cm
Heavy48 kg
Blood groupA

Tzuyu is a contestant who eliminated in reality show Sixteen in the last episode. However, at the decision of J. Y. Park and the team, he passed and officially entered Become a TWICE member.

He was once involved in the Taiwan flag controversy, in which Tzuyu expressed support for Taiwan's independence from China.

As a result of this controversy, TWICE was also banned from performing because this issue made Tzuyu releases apology video in Chinese.

Well, that was just a few TWICE member facts and details what you must know for those who just joined so ONCE.

Are there other fun facts about TWICE members that you know? Share in the comments below, ok?

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