This is how to become a Go-Jek driver without having to register, will you?

Go-Jek and online motorcycle taxis are indeed popular in Indonesia. In fact, many students and employees are busy registering as drivers. Do you want to be a Go-Jek driver? Here's how to become a motorcycle taxi driver without registering.

Since its introduction in Jakarta for the first time, Go-Jek immediately attracted the attention of many parties. With green attributes wandering in the hot sun, who doesn't quickly notice its existence. But that's not all, Go-Jek's modern way of working is also a concern.

Not only is it easier for passengers to find motorcycle taxis, Go-Jek drivers are also easier to get passengers. But registering Go-Jek is not easy. Well, you want to be drivers Go-Jek without a list? Here's how!

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So Go-Jek Drivers Are Fun

It's fun being a G0-Jek and motorcycle taxi driver on line On the other hand, you can get passengers without having to hang out in a certain place. And after delivering the passenger, you have the opportunity to get another passenger when he returns home. So don't be surprised if many people flock to want to register drivers Go-Jek and ojek on line other. Unfortunately, lately they've been limiting the number drivers-his.


How to Become a Go-Jek Driver Without Registering

Well, for those of you who are tired of spending free time in the office or on campus, just try to be drivers Go-Jek. Actually it's not really drivers Go-Jek is looking for passengers on the road, but feels the experience through a game called Go-Jack! not Gojek!. Even though it confirms that it is not Gojek, this green attribute strengthens the image of this game's purpose as entertainment for those of you who want to be drivers Go-Jek. Please download the Go-Jack game which is made by developer local AMPlified in link following.

Arcade Games AMPlified DOWNLOAD

In contrast to being a Go-Jek driver who must be willing to take a queue to register, playing the Go-Jack game which is a game created by the nation's children does not require a registration process. You just need to connect to your Facebook account, then you can start playing right away. Isn't it complicated? And you are ready to look for motorcycle taxi passengers to get rid of your boredom at the office.

Keep Pulling Until The Across Island

Carrying the popularity of motorcycle taxis on line, games created by this nation's children are carefully combined with the game genre endless run which many smartphone users like. So in this game you are tasked with continuing to drive your motorbike to attract passengers. By attracting passengers, you will get credits to buy gasoline, and also get booster.

Boosters this is useful as your life. Every time you hit an obstacle, booster you will decrease. But what needs to be considered is not only the booster, you have to pay attention to the gasoline and credit as well. Anyway, Go-Jack is not just a game endless run normal.

Inspired by Go-Jek, which expands its business not only in Jakarta, Go-Jack also allows you to expand looking for passengers to the city of Pekanbaru and others. Each city has its own obstacles, so you won't get bored playing it. Well, the credits you collect can later be used to expand to other cities.

Lightweight with Unique Sound Effects

As a local game, Go-Jack has succeeded in attracting Jaka's attention. Apart from being in the middle of the motorcycle taxi trend on line, what's interesting about this game is gameplayits easy to play and also lightweight. In addition, the sound effects are also worthy of thumbs up. Instead of using real motorcycle sound effects, AMPlified prefers to use sound effects generated from beatbox (or the usual tone of mouth?). Creative!

Throughout the game, you will definitely laugh with the various unique sounds that exist. There is a sweet voice of a girl saying "Thank you brother", a fierce male voice said "Thank you brother" and others. Let's try it!

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