anti-mainstream! These 4 games have an underwater setting! land is out of date..

The games below present the underwater world that is no less amazing. Let's see below, what games do Jaka mean? Come on!

Para developer usually make games with beautiful place settings so that players are amazed and never forget it. Just look at the success of the franchise Far Cry or Monster Hunter World. Even though the time is different, the world that is presented is very amazing.

Unlike the two games above, the games below present the world under the sea which is no less amazing. Let's see below, what games do Jaka mean? Come on!

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ANTI-MAINSTREAM! These 4 Games Have an Underwater Setting! Mainland is Out of Time..

1. All Series From BioShock

This one is a franchise where the background of all the series is underwater. City under water what you usually see in movies you can explore and feel fun adventure in this game.


Try this game if you never play it. In this game, you will feel how spooky it is to be in a high-tech place in the deepest sea. Apart from that, the storyline very complex so you will know what happened to the main character at the end of the story.

3. FarSky

If you are bored with the game survivalcrafting as Minecraft, try this one game. Have gameplay similarities, but in a different setting. In this game you have to learn how survive in the depths of the sea by taking advantage of the resources around you while you have to find parts of the submarine in order to return to land.

4. Song Of The Deep

There are two ways for players to explore the underwater world The beautiful thing in this game is diving and using a submarine. Even though visually the graphics are only 2D and not as good as the other 3 games above, the underwater world is really colorful. The colorful underwater world, the charming main character, and the melancholic main music will definitely make you want to explore it deeper.

Those are some games that present an amazing underwater world. How? if you feel bored with games set on land, I think you should try these games. The new setting will definitely bring a new sensation of playing, right!