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watch the mechanic (2011) full movie

Want to watch cool action movies starring Jason Statham? Check out Jaka's article below to watch the movie The Mechanic (2011)!

Jason Statham is an iconic Hollywood actor with a bald head and his role as a hero in films.

Not only that, Jason Statham's acting quality doesn't need to be questioned anymore. He has starred in a lot of cool films, gang.

This time, Jaka will discuss one of the films he has starred in, namely The Mechanic which was released in 2011. What's the movie like? Read on in the following article!

Synopsis The Mechanic (2011)

The Mechanic tells the story of a hitman named Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) who has the ability to kill other people by making it look like an accident.

At the beginning of the film, Bishop is assigned to kill a man in a swimming pool. Due to Bishop's prowess, the man appears to have died by drowning.

Bishop has a close friend and mentor named Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland). They meet and Harry pays Bishop for his work in Colombia.

One day, Bishop gets a new assignment, which is to kill his mentor and best friend, Harry. At first he refused, but his superiors managed to convince him.

Bishop also manages to kill Harry by making it look like a carjacking. Bishop comes to Harry's funeral and meets Steve McKenna (Ben Foster), Harry's son.

Steve plans to take revenge on the culprit. At that time, Steve did not know that it was Bishop who killed Harry, his father.

Bishop realizes Steve's abilities and then intends to train Steve as a professional assassin, The Mechanic.

What will it be like? Just watch it yourself, gang.

Interesting Facts about The Mechanic (2011)

Here are some interesting facts from the action film The Mechanic (2011) that are guaranteed to make you even more interested in watching it.

  • This film is a remake of the '70s action film, namely The Mechanic (1972) starring Charles Bronson.

  • mugshot the illegal arms dealer in the movie is actually the result Photoshop from mugshot famous singer David Bowie whose face was changed to the face of the actor.

  • Ben Foster's collarbone was broken while filming a fight scene with a strong hitman.

  • The Mechanic (2011) film developed in time 15 years and shooting was carried out for 9 weeks.

Nonton Film The Mechanic (2011)

InformationThe Mechanic
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)6.6 (142,959)
Duration1 hour 33 minutes
GenreAction, Thriller
Release Date28 January 2011
DirectorSimon West
PlayerJason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland

After watching the trailer above, are you interested in watching the film? Don't worry, Jaka has prepared a link to watch the movie The Mechanic (2011) below.

>>>Watch The Mechanic (2011)<<<

Thus Jaka's article about the film The Mechanic (2011). Hopefully this article can be entertaining as well as useful for you, gang,

See you in the next Jaka article!

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