how to open sites blocked by newsletters, positive internet, healthy internet on android without root

In this way, you can easily open sites that are blocked by Healthy, Positive Internet, Newsletters and Cellular Operators on Android without root.

Currently accessing the internet in Indonesia is not difficult anymore. With a variety of cellular operators that offer internet services, of course you can easily access various sites from within and outside the country directly from your Android.

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However, not all sites can be accessed easily. Many good sites have been blocked by the government for various reasons. Starting from blocking with healthy internet, blocking positive internet, and blocking newsletters. With many websites blocked by the government, of course, many users are disappointed that they cannot access these sites.

To overcome this, in this article JalanTikus will discuss how to open sites that are blocked by the government. Starting from opening sites blocked by Positive Internet, opening sites blocked by Internet Sehat, opening sites blocked by newsletters and opening sites blocked by cellular operators, Bolt, Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Tri, and Smartfren.

Open Blocked Sites Newsletters, Positive Internet, Healthy Internet on Android Without Root

Here JalanTikus will give an example of how to open the site which is blocked by the Indonesian government. This method can also be used to open other blocked sites.

To open blocked sites, JalanTikus uses an application called Rocket VPN. If most VPN apps need access root when you want to use it, you can use the Rocket VPN application without requiring access root.

How to Open Blocked Sites on Android Without Root

  • Download the Rocket VPN application and install it as usual on Android. Apps Productivity Liquidum Limited DOWNLOAD
  • Open the Rocket VPN application then select the menu Connect.
  • When it appears pop-up "Attention" Rocket VPN attempts to create a VPN Connection. By Proceeding, you are giving application permission to intercept all network traffic. Do NOT accept unless you trust the application. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your data compromised by a malicious software.
  • menu checklist I trust this application then select Ok.

  • Wait a moment until everything is connected properly.

  • If the sign has changed to Disconnected, means that you are connected and can use the VPN without root.
  • Thus, you can access sites blocked by newsletters, sites blocked by positive internet and sites blocked by healthy internet directly from your Android without root.

  • Addition. You can change the destination country for this Rocket VPN application. Starting from VPN Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Netherlands, Sweden, and Czech Republic.

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