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how to solve instagram can't login

Your Instagram account can't login? Maybe your account has a problem. Check out the causes and how to solve the complete IG account unable to log in here!

Instagram account can't login suddenly? It's better to identify the causes and how to overcome them through Jaka's discussion this time!

As one of the most popular and widely used social media today, of course you will panic very much if something unwanted happens to your IG account so that it cannot be accessed at all.

Especially if you are a celebgram who uses Instagram as a field to earn income. This problem will certainly make you dizzy, right?

As a solution, let's see what causes and how to solve Instagram can't login the following!

Cause Instagram Can't Login

Cause the Instagram account can't work login quite diverse, depending on the case. Some of them are due to violations of privacy or rights in using accounts.

Instagram continues to monitor users and take strict enough actions to block 'naughty' accounts. It is listed on the Instagram Help Center.

Then, what are the causes of the Instagram account not being able to log in? Check out the list below.

1. Instagram Account Blocked

The first cause is blocked account by Instagram or through other user reports. Your account may be blocked by Instagram due to a violation of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

These violations include disguise, deception, misleading, illegal activities, and others. In addition, account blocking can occur because many other users have blocked your account.

If you are blocked by another user, then there is no way to unblock that user unless that user unblocks you.

The only solution to avoid blocking is to use your Instagram without violating the given conditions.

2. Instagram Account Disabled

Next up is the account Deactivated Instagram. Just like being blocked, the decision to deactivate the account was due to a violation of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

However, this deactivated account was carried out by Instagram when it found irregularities in the account.

Deactivated account users will get a notification that their Instagram account has been deactivated. This can also happen even if the user has done login.

If you get a notification that your account is deactivated and you don't feel guilty, then you can file an appeal.

You can make an appeal within the Instagram application by logging into the Instagram application, then filling in your username and password. After that, just follow the instructions from Instagram.

3. Instagram Account Hacked

Case hack IG account it often happens among users. This can happen because your account was hacked by hacker for the purpose of hacking data or for mere stupidity.

You can find out about this hacking activity through posts made without your knowledge, or your profile that has changed beyond your control.

Especially now that there are so many tutorials on how to do it hack Other people's IG accounts are scattered on the internet, making it easier for irresponsible people to do this.

4. Unusual Login Attempt

Unusual Login Attempt is an activity login suspicious by an unknown person from an unnatural location. This is often done by hackers.

You will get notifications from Instagram that appear during activity unusual login attempts it is detected. Quoted from Cyclonis, this can happen because of a glitch on the application.

Besides glitch, it could be that you have intentionally or unintentionally authorized a suspicious application or website.

To fix this, you can open through the web and delete apps you don't recognize.

5. Forgot Account or Password

The last one is very trivial, but it is one of the problems that often occur by users.

If you've ever forgotten an account because you haven't been for a long time login, this can be solved easily using the features Get help login which Jaka will also explain at the bottom.

You can reset password your IG by using a connected e-mail address, phone number, or Facebook account. You can apply this method on Android or iOS.

How to Overcome IG Account Can't Login

Already know the reason why your Instagram account can't be opened? Then, what things, yes, you can do to overcome it?

Even though it still makes you panic, but fortunately there are several solutions on how to deal with IG can't work login easily.

To find out more details, you better see the full discussion below.

1. Take advantage of Instagram's Help Center Features

Confused because IG account was hacked or forgot password so it can't login Instagram again?

Calm! Instagram provides a solution for hacked account users, where you will be given an email if there is activity to change email in the Instagram account.

If you feel this change is out of control, then you can choose revert this change. However, if the hacker manages to change the password and can't recover the email, you should report it to Instagram.

For Android users, you can report via the login page by following these instructions:

  1. Click Get help logging in under the button login.
  1. Enter your username, email, or mobile number. Click Next.
  1. tap on text need other help?.
  1. Fill in your email, select an option My account was hacked.

  2. Tap the button Send Inquiry.

For iOS users, the steps used are quite the same. However, on the login page you select Forgot password?.

Next, Instagram will verify your report, wait for a reply in the email that you have included on the report page.

The reply in your email will contain identity verification. Follow instructions from Instagram regarding account hacking.

2. Reset Password IG

The next way to solve the problem of IG not being able to login is to reset it password Instagram account. Who knows you might forget password so that login always fail.

For the steps themselves are almost the same as in the previous point. However, to make it clearer, Jaka provides a complete tutorial.

  1. Tap writing Forgot Password? or on some other HP Get help logging in.

  2. Enter the email, phone number, or IG username that can't login. Tap the button Send Login Link.

  1. Check the inbox from Instagram on the email used.

  2. Tap the button Log in as....

  3. insert password new as much as 2x in the available column.

  4. Tap the button Change Password.

At this stage, you will be immediately taken to the Home page of your IG account. So, now you can have a look or even download another IG story, ok!

3. Check Internet Network

A smooth and fast internet network is certainly one of the important factors for the login the account can run smoothly without any problems.

Therefore, make sure that the internet network you are using is indeed smooth and can be used to access Instagram or other websites.

For those of you who use smartphones, you can also try to activate airplane mode for a few moments then turn it off again. After that, try to access your IG account again.

4. Try Login on Other Devices

Can not login Instagram and a notification appears "Sorry, there was a problem with your request"? If the cause is not on your internet network, then you should try it login account using another device.

Whether it's through a laptop or you can also use another smartphone that you have. If it turns out that you can login to IG using another device, then it's likely that the problem is with your smartphone.

On the other hand, if it still doesn't work, it's possible that your Instagram account is problematic and you inevitably have to create a new IG account.

However, while it can be solved by reset password, you better use that option.

That's the cause and how to solve Instagram can't login, do you have other problems that cause you can't log in to your Instagram account?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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