5 android games with the most fun magic themes and can be played without internet

5 Android games with witch themes

Various kinds of games are now available on smartphoneAndroid. Starting from the ordinary, to the extraordinary. There are lots of unique games on Android, one of which is magic themed game. Games like this usually require us to make the impossible possible.

Talking about magic, it doesn't escape the word scary. Mystical things like magic if we meet in the game world maybe not as scary as magic in the real world. But even so, in the game world magic is also considered something mystical. Games with a theme like this, of course, give a distinct impression. What do these games look like? Instead of being curious, it's better to see the reviews below!

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Mandatory Download! These are 5 Android Offline Games with the Most Exciting Witch Theme

1. Schools Of Magic

Schools Of Magic is an RPG game with a wizard theme. The role of this game character is a head wizard at the school. This game is very fun to play. Here not only managing a magic school, but there are many creatures and wizards for you to fight. Yes, of course by fighting with them. There is a building, and the building can later be used for strengthen character magic you. When fighting, you can attack using magic and also to make a defense requires a special way, of course with help spells which exists. While the freebies aren't that great, the games are guaranteed to keep you hooked!

2. Talking Witch

Talking Witch also one of the best wizard games and fun, but a little different from the previous games. Because this game tends to be a little funny but still fun! You will be given several options by the wizard. There will be evil wizards who attack and you are required to help repel them. You can also collect coins which is definitely very useful.

3. Fairyland Hidden Object Game World Of Fairy Tale

Fairyland Hidden Object Game World Of Fairy Tale is a wizard game that you must try. This game will invite you adventure, looking for something hard to find hidden aliases. Provides multiple levels and reveals mysterious locations. To find hidden objects, you are required to use character magic. Save the place from the evil witch attack, solve puzzles puzzle, and much more.

4. Fantasy Sim

The fourth is a game that will invite you to build a fantasy empire. In game Sim fantasy You will have a chance in the wizarding world. There are several things you should do here such as build headquarters, defensive walls, to build a palace. In addition there are many challenges to be faced such as monsters and spirits. The most important mission is destroy all enemies that exist and dominate the magical world, to improve the character's abilities, you can take advantage of some of the resources in this game which will later be used for draw something.

5. Wizards and Dragons

Wizards and Dragons is a wizard game that is fairly simple, but gives its own impression. How to play this game is quite easy. You just need catch and collect dragons use your magic. But it's not just any dragon that you have to collect, you have to catch a dragon that has high strength. Besides that, you can also make a special potion which will later be used to facilitate carrying out the mission.

That's 5 Android games with witch themes. Although in terms of appearance the 5 games above are still fairly simple, at least they can treat our boredom.

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