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5 tips for buying other people's clash of clans accounts so you don't get scammed

Want to buy someone else's COC account? Here are tips for buying other people's Clash of Clans accounts so they don't get scammed.

Buy and sell Clash of Clans ID accounts is a common thing these days. With the increasing number of Clash of Clans players, of course many people are starting to feel bored playing CoC and want to sell their CoC account.

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Not only many people who want to sell CoC accounts, people who want to buy CoC accounts base High Town Halls are also not small in number. By directly buying a Clash of Clans account that has a high Town Hall, that person doesn't need to start all over again and also doesn't take a long time to develop.

If you are one of the people who intend to buy someone else's Clash of Clans account. You should first read the following tips. In this article, JalanTikus will provide some tips for buying other people's CoC accounts.

Tips for Buying Someone Else's Clash of Clans ID Account

You need to know, buying someone else's Clash of Clans account is not an easy thing like buying goods on Lazada or other online selling places. Many cases of fraud that occur when buying a Clash of Clans account.

In order not to be exposed to fraud or other things, here are tips and tricks for buying other people's CoC accounts so that unwanted things don't happen.

1. Live Meet

Meeting the seller in person or COD is a must when buying a Clash of Clans account. By meeting face to face, the possibility of fraud can be minimized. Make sure you meet the seller in a crowded place and also be accompanied by your friends who play and understand Clash of Clans.

2. Bring a Laptop

Always try to bring a laptop when you want to buy a CoC account. The way to buy someone else's Clash of Clans account is that the seller gives the buyer an email and password connected to the Clash of Clans account, then the buyer does login and play Clash of Clans.

When you are still with the seller of the CoC account and you are sure you want to buy his CoC account. Open the laptop you brought and login to the Google Account website using the seller's email and password.

3. Change Data

After the seller login Go to the website, change all the seller's data to yours. Important things to change:

  1. Password
  2. No. Phone
  3. Enable Two-Step Verification
  4. Personal Information & Privacy

After the data has been changed, proceed to the next step.

4. Delete All Connections

This method will disconnect all Android devices that have been connected to the account. Thus, there will only be one Android, which is yours.

  • Select menu Login & security or Sign-in & security.
  • Search menu Recently used devices then select Review Devices/Review Devices.
  • Select an Android device that is not yours. Then select Delete / Delete.

5. Delete Game Clash of Clans

If you have done all the ways above, then you do the following last method.

  • Borrow the seller's cell phone.
  • Uninstall Game Clash of Clans in the seller's cellphone.

By doing this, the seller will not be able to access the CoC account that has been sold to you. So you can play CoC safely without having to worry about warnings "Another device is connecting to this village" and "Client and server out of Sync"

Those are some tips that can be done to buy someone else's Clash of Clans account. If you have other tips, you can share in the comments column.

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