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5 ridiculous games that are 'useless' but guaranteed to make you laugh

Besides Toilet Time, it turns out that there are other ridiculous games. Curious? Check out this article!

On the Play Store there are thousands of exciting games that you can play, ranging from RPG genre games, racing, adventure, and so on. However, if you are tired of playing the game-that's all that's too much mainstream, you can try other games that are unique and silly. For example, the game Toilet Time where you will do various things silly task like killing cockroaches, shaving beards, brushing teeth and other unique tasks.

Besides Toilet Time, it turns out there are still other silly games. Curious? Well, this time Jaka will know 5 silly games which you must play to make your days full of laughter. Come on!

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5 Silly Games 'Useless' But Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

1. Sperminator

I don't know what the underlying developer created this game. This game is clear should not played by children. Because in this silly game you will act as a guard egg so that eggs not fertilized by sperm cells.

Then you are required to kill the sperm who roam by way oftap on the passing sperm. You can even find strange items related to other reproductive organs in this game.

2. Crazy Dentist

For those of you who aspire to be dentist, it feels right to play this game. Because in game Crazy Dentist, you will act as a dentist.

Uniquely, you can do anything to the patient, such as pulling teeth reckless and various other ridiculous actions. Amazingly, patients can too react for the silly things you do.

3. Toilet Time

In game Toilet Time, you will be given silly tasks, such as killing cockroaches and also other funny tasks. In addition, you are also required to bathe in the toilet complete with soap, brush your teeth, and shave your beard and mustache like a real person taking a bath. After completing several missions, you can get special items like a time machine and so on.

4. Troll Face Quest Videos Memes

In this game you will be invited to solve various puzzles and unique and ridiculous guesses which the level of difficulty can be adjusted. However, in addition to the ridiculous guesses, the interesting thing about this game is that every time you complete the guesswork, you will get a prize in the form of silly videos.

5. Ridiculous Fishing

Same as fishing game other, in Ridiculous Fishing you will fish using a fishing rod anti-mainstream pliers. Instead of using a fishing rod, in this game you will be provided chainsaw, gun, hairdryer, and other strange tools used for fishing.

That's 5 silly games that can get rid of fatigue and make your day full of laughter. If you can't wait to play it, you can directly download it on the Play Store or it can be on Jalantikus.com.

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