how to find out someone else is stealing your wifi, so you don't miss out!

We may often wonder if anyone is using our WiFi secretly. Because sometimes **WiFi** speed is often slow

We may often wonder if someone is using our WiFi secretly. Because sometimes speed WiFi often slow. This could also be because the Indonesian internet provider is really slow. But apart from that, the possibility of someone using WiFi without our permission can also happen.

The worst possibility could be that someone is deliberately slowing down our network or wants to peek at what we are doing on line or steal files on the computer. Therefore we need to check for ourselves whether there are foreign devices connected to our WiFi all this time. How to? Come on, see the following tips.

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How to Know Someone Else Steals Your WiFi

1. Check Router Admin Page

One of the best ways to see what devices are connected to our network is through the page router admin. We can start by first checking the list client-DHCP his.

There you should see any devices connected to the WiFi network. How to enter the page router admin? We can see account information administrator through the manual provided in the box of the router. Use the account to access the page router admin.

2. Use App to Scan Network

If you no want to bother by logging into the page router administration, then you can download a special application to scan the network. There are several application options to see what devices are connected to WiFi. Usually manufacturer router have their own application. As Netgear's Genie, Linkys Connect, or Apple's AirPort, etc.

3. Make a List of Who's Using WiFi

After we finish identifying all the connected devices, then the next step is to make a list of what devices are accessing our network. Next is to analyze whether something suspicious is happening on the network.

Should router have access to a list of connected devices along with information such as device name, MAC Address and its IP address. Record all connected devices and identify if any are suspicious or not.

If you are confused about identifying the name and type of device, we can first turn off all connected devices, then we will know which devices are still on. If there are still foreign devices that sleep then we need to check whether the device is trying to slow down our network or doing other dangerous activities.

4. Difficult to Identify What Devices Are Connected?

It's hard not to say if there are some parties who are able to disguise themselves and access WiFi network without our knowledge. However, if you are not sure about this, then you can try changing the WiFi network password.

That way, foreign devices will be automatically disconnected from our WiFI network. Therefore, we must regularly check the WiFi network and change the password as soon as possible if there is anything suspicious.

5. No Foreign Devices but still Slow WiFi Connection!

After making sure that there are no foreign devices connected to our WiFi but the connection is still slow, it means that there is another problem. We have to test internet speed using cable and WiFi. If the speed of using the cable is faster, it means that there is a problem with the cable router.

However, before deciding to replace router, we need to realize that the slow connection is not solely because router damaged. For example we need to re-evaluate whether the layout router already ideal.

We can also check if we have used the function dual band on router. Some other options are that we can add an antenna to add better signal quality. If the connection is still slow maybe we should contact the internet provider to see if there is a problem with the network.

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