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15 best iranian movies of all time, there's an oscar winner!

Have you ever watched Iranian-made films? Wow, Jaka really recommends watching it, gang! This is the list of the best Iranian films by JalanTikus!

When you hear the word Iran, what comes to your mind? Perhaps what appears is Tehran, the desert, the Arabs, Ahamdinejad, and even the Shia.

In fact, Iran has a myriad of quality films that are full of motivational stories, you know! The quality of the story that is delivered is not inferior to Hollywood films.

Therefore, this time I want to give you a list of recommendations best iranian movies which you can watch with your family when Eid later!

15 Best Iranian Movies You Must Watch

Maybe you are curious, what causes Iran to produce quality films. In fact, you don't necessarily know where it is on the map.

Apparently, Iran has long been famous for its films, especially after the events of the Iranian revolution that occurred in 1978.

After the revolution, film industry activists became more and more productive in making films that were accepted by the public, even to the point of go international.

In addition, Iranian films are also famous for being full of motivational meanings, so that we can get added value after watching them.

So, what are the best Iranian films that you can watch?

1. A Separation

Photo source: Cinemablography

The first Iranian film that ApkVenue will recommend to you is A Separation. This drama film tells the story of a husband and wife who are faced with a dilemma.

What dilemma? They are faced with a choice between moving abroad for the sake of their child's education or staying at home to take care of their husband's father.

As one of the most successful films, this film raises issues of religion, gender, and social class. In fact, this film won an Oscar as the best foreign language film.

TitleA Separation
ShowMarch 16, 2011
Duration2 hours 3 minutes
DirectorAsghar Farhadi
CastPayman Maadi

Sareh Bayat



Rating8.3/10 (IMDb)

2. Children of Heaven

Photo source: Way Too Indie

Film Children of Heaven is the first Iranian film to be nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign language film category.

This film tells the story of a little boy named Ali who loses the shoes of his sister, Zahra.

Because he was poor, Ali tried to find the shoes to hard-to-reach places. For a while, they decided to share shoes.

This family-themed film is very touching, gang!

TitleChildren of Heaven
Duration1 hour 29 minutes
DirectorMajid Majidi
CastMohammad Amir Naji

Bahare Seddiqi



Rating8.3/10 (IMDb)

3. The Salesman

Photo source: The Atlantic

The Salesman is another Iranian film that won an Oscar. This film is also directed by Asghar Farhadi.

This film tells the story of a husband and wife who join in a theater performance entitled Death of Salesman.

One time, his wife got an attack that traumatized him. Her husband tries to discover the identity of the assailant while helping his wife overcome her trauma.

TitleThe Salesman
ShowMarch 17, 2017
Duration2 hours 4 minutes
DirectorAsghar Farhadi
CastShahab Hosseini

Mina Sadati



Rating7.8/10 (IMDb)

Other Iranian Movies. . .

4. The Past

Photo source: Roger Ebert

Film The Past is a collaboration of three countries, namely France, Italy, and Iran. This film was directed by, none other than, Asghar Farhadi.

Tells the story of Ahmad, a man from Iran who returns to France to settle a divorce case with his wife, Marie.

When they weren't officially divorced, it turned out that Marie was already in a relationship with another man. His son, Lucie, did not support this relationship and made him suicidal.

This film has a very deep meaning, you must watch it, gang!

TitleThe Past
ShowMarch 28, 2014
Duration2 hours 10 minutes
DirectorAsghar Farhadi
CastB r nice Bejo

Ali Mosaffa



Rating7.8/10 (IMDb)

5. About Elly

Photo source: Roger Ebert

About Elly is another Iranian film directed by Asghar Farhadi and get a positive response from the public.

At first glance, this film looks like a psychological drama about a group of college friends who are on vacation in the Caspian Sea.

If we dig deeper, we will see the complexities that the Iranian middle class has.

This film re-questions about group interactions, moral choices, and the culture of dishonesty created by a closed society that is subject to intense scrutiny.

TitleAbout Elly
ShowSeptember 14, 2012
Duration1 hour 59 minutes
DirectorAsghar Farhadi
CastGolshifteh Farahani

Taraneh Alidoosti



Rating8.0/10 (IMDb)

6. Taste of Cherry

Photo source: CriterionCast.com

Have you ever felt so depressed that you wanted to take your own life? Watch the movie Taste of Cherry this one.

Tells the story of a middle-aged man named Badii who is about to commit suicide, even digging his own grave. The problem was, he couldn't find anyone willing to bury him.

He has asked the army, members of the Afghan seminarians, but none of them are willing for various reasons.

Until finally he met an old man from Turkey who had a sick child. Even before, he himself had attempted to commit suicide. Even so, he agreed to help Badii.

Will Badii really end his life like that?

TitleTaste of Cherry
ShowJune 5, 1998
Duration1 hour 35 minutes
DirectorAbbas Kiarostami
CastHomayoun Ershadi

Afshin Khorshid Bakhtiari

Rating7.7 (18.993)

7. Turtles Can Fly

Photo source: SBS

Turtles Can Fly background in a Kurdish refugee camp, on the border between Iraq and Turkey. There is a boy named Satellite who is the leader among the other children.

Satellite tells the boys to collect mines left by the United States to sell. This is natural, considering this film is a war film.

He met an orphan named Agrin and fell in love with him. Then, it was revealed the dark side that had been experienced by Agrin.

How will their story continue? Just watch the movie, okay?

TitleTurtles Can Fly
ShowFebruary 23, 2005
Duration1 hour 38 minutes
DirectorBahman Ghobadi
CastSoran Ebrahim

Saddam Hossein Feysal



Rating8.1/10 (_IMDb)

8. The Color of Paradise

Photo credit: Education - Jacob Burns Film Center

Next there is a movie The Color of Paradise which tells the story of a boy named Mohammad who is waiting to be picked up by his father for a vacation.

Initially, his father tried to leave Mohammad at the school during the holidays because he was embarrassed, but the request was rejected by the principal.

One of the reasons why he did this was that he, who was a widower, was trying to marry a local girl and hide the fact that he had a blind child!

TitleThe Color of Paradise
ShowSeptember 7, 2000
Duration1 hour 30 minutes
DirectorMajid Majidi
CastHossein Mahjoub

Regards Feyzi



Rating8.3/10 (IMDb)

9. Close-Up

Photo source: Pinterest

Close-Up here is not a toothpaste brand, yes, gang! Close-Up here is another Iranian film that you should watch with your family.

This film is a biographical film about a man disguised as a filmmaker named Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

He tricked a family into saying they were going to star in his new film. They will act as themselves.

What did he do it for? Find the answer directly in the film, come on!

ShowOctober 30, 1991
Duration1 hour 38 minutes
DirectorAbbas Kiarostami
CastHossain Sabzian

Abolfazl Ahankhah



Rating8.2/10 (IMDb)

10. The Lizard

Photo source: IMVBox.com

No, not Spider-Man's real name is Curt Connors. The Lizard here is one of the best Iranian films directed by Kamal Tabrizi.

Tells the story of a thief named Raze who managed to escape from prison thanks to his disguise as mullah or the title of scholar in Iran.

Due to a condition, he maintains the disguise until he accidentally becomes the leader of a mosque in a small town. Unexpectedly, he even became popular!

TitleThe Lizard
ShowApril 21, 2004
Duration1 hour 55 minutes
DirectorKamal Tabrizi
CastParviz Parastui

Shahrokh Foroutanian



Rating8.5/10 (IMDb)

11.The White Balloon

Photo source: Metrograph

A young girl wants to buy a goldfish on Eid al-Fitr. The reason, his own goldfish is considered too small and unattractive.

The price of the goldfish was 100 and his mother gave him 500. Unfortunately, due to various incidents, the money disappeared. He with the help of people trying to find the money.

That's more or less the premise of the movie The White Balloon which was released in 1995. At first glance it sounds simple, but the power of the film is more than you might imagine.

TitleThe White Balloon
ShowNovember 27, 1995
Duration1 hour 25 minutes
DirectorJafar Panahi
CastAida Mohammadkhani, Mohsen Kafili, Fereshteh Sadre Orafaiy
GenreDrama, Family
Rating7.7/10 (IMDb)

12. A Moment of Innocence

Photo source: Facebook

Next there is a movie A Moment of Innocence which is semi-autobiographical. This film tells the experience of the director, Mousen Makmahlbaf, when he was 17 years old

That time, he stabbed a policeman at a demonstration and ended up having to get a prison sentence. Two decades later, he decides to track down the cop he stabbed to make amends.

This film is a process of dramatization of the true story. So don't be surprised if you will feel that this film feels personal. Fact and fiction seem to just blend.

TitleA Moment of Inncence
Show9 April 1997
Duration1 hour 18 minutes
DirectorMohsen Makmahlbaf
CastMirhadi Tayebi

Ali Bakhsi



Rating7.9/10 (IMDb)

13. The Day I Became a Woman

Photo source: Walker Art Center

The Day I Became a Woman is a film about three generations of women suffering from oppression. They only crave freedom as a human being.

After three different stories, the characters Havva, Ahoo, and Hoora meet on the same beach on the same day. All have the same goal, wanting to find freedom.

This film is a heartwarming story in which the three women represent the lives of daughters, wives, and mothers. Their brief meeting at one time was truly colorful.

TitleThe Day I Became a Woman
ShowMarch 8, 2001
Duration1 hour 18 minutes
DirectorMarzieh Makhmalbaf
CastFatemeh Cherag Akhar

Shahr Banou Sisizadeh



Rating7.3/10 (IMDb)

14. Ten

Photo source: Creative Critism

In the movie Ten, the director managed to use two of his favorite objects to create a unique film. These objects are cameras and cars.

There is a female driver who meets 5 different people in 10 different episodes. He met his son, his sister, religious women, prostitutes, and so on.

This film tries to present arguments from various sides. The strong patriarchal side of Iranian society is also trying to be described here.

ShowSeptember 18, 2002
Duration1 hour 29 minutes
DirectorAbbas Kiarostami
CastMania Akbari

Kamran Adl

Rating7.5/10 (IMDb)

15. Offside

Photo source: MoMA

The last movie on this list is Off side. This football film was directed by Jafar Panahi and is considered to have a subtle political message.

The story is about a group of young women who must disguise themselves as a man in order to watch an Iranian football match.

The message that this film wants to convey is that there is discrimination and patriarchy that still often occurs in Iranian society.

TitleOff side
ShowMay 26, 2006
Duration1 hour 35 minutes
DirectorJafar Panahi
CastSima Mobarak-Shahi

Ayda Sadeqi



Rating7.3/10 (IMDb)

That's 15 best Iranian movies which ApkVenue can recommend for you. I never thought that a country in the Middle East could produce so many quality films.

Which one will you watch first? Write in the comments column, yes!

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