nostalgia! here are the 5 most popular sites that are widely accessed on old school cellphones

Although the use of applications is limited, the use of HP Java leaves its own story, especially about the internet experience. Those of you who have used HP Java, have you ever accessed the popular sites below?

Transformation WL continues to grow. In fact, the latest mobile phones have almost the ability can be aligned with PC aka stuffed software and hardware advanced. Flashback to the early 2000s, in fact mobile phone innovation is not growing very fast. Most mobile phones have the same capabilities, considering the vendor only focus on design innovation.

However, in that era internet access began to be widely known. Multiple cell phones can be used on the internet. One of the cellphones that can be used for internet access when it is running on Java OS. Although the use of the application is limited, the use of HP Java leaving its own story, especially about the experience of the internet. Those of you who have used HP Java, have you ever accessed the popular sites below?

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Nostalgia! Here are the 5 Most Popular Sites Accessed on Old Mobile Phones

1. Waptrick

Site Waptrick is one that is popular among HP Java netizens. Here, you can download songs, wallpapers, theme, and videos free. Even popular games from EA or Gameloft which are usually paid you can download for free via Waptrick.

2. GetJar

Source Another place that is often used as a place to download content or applications on HP Java is GetJar. GetJar is** an independent app store** founded in California back in 2004. Besides Java, this site has millions of applications that support BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Windows and Android.

3. Ownskin

Even though the abilities are limited, you can still beautify the appearance of HP Java with a few modifications. Well, site Ownskin it provides various themes and wallpapers make modifications to the appearance of HP Java. It's free and very easy!

4. Zedge

Other popular sites are Zedge. Here, you can download various content for cellphones, ranging from themes, wallpapers, ringtones, or games. Not only that, you can too learn to make apps and themes to publish to everyone via the Zedge site.

5. Pepperonity

This last one is Pepperonity. The most legendary site in the HP Java era can help you create a website without thinking about HTML codes, as well as download photos and videos to save on your cellphone. Most interestingly, Pepperonity is currently providing services hosting free with 100MB capacity!

Well, that's him popular sites in the HP Java era. Apart from these five sites, which one do you often access when using HP Java? Please share in the comments column below yes!