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3 ways to get lots of likes on Instagram, for free!

How to add likes on Instagram you have to do if you want your IG posts to go viral and get lots of likes. Come on, follow how to get lots of IG likes below!

How to get lots of likes on Instagram is a solution for those of you who want every uploaded photo or video to go viral because many people like it.

Those of you who play this popular social media must be very happy if the post gets lots of likes and comments from followers, right?

It feels like you are a singer performing on stage and the audience is singing along and applauding for you, gang!

But, if your IG posts always get a small number of likes, don't be discouraged just yet. Because, Jaka will review how to add instagram likes below this!

How to get lots of likes on Instagram

Even though likes or followers on Instagram are not everything, humans are definitely very happy with popularity and appreciation.

Moreover, now many people have become famous and rich thanks to Instagram, aka celebgram. You can get endorsements and become product brand ambassadors.

Who doesn't want to be a celebrity like this Anya Geraldine? The condition is, by adding likes on Instagram, and of course IG followers, the gang.

In this article, ApkVenue will tell you some how to get lots of likes on instagram for free. Curious, right? Check out the following discussion, yes!

Check it out!


1. How to Add Likes on IG with a Like Adding Site

First, ApkVenue will tell you how to buy likes on Instagram with only an internet browser. No need to use additional applications.

Actually, this method is free, really. So you don't have to spend a dime. Because, you can take advantage of the available Instagram like-enhancing sites.

Well, in this article Jaka will tell you how to use an Instagram auto like service site called FollowerGratis.co.id.

In the past maybe many people used the application InstaLike. Unfortunately, now the application no longer exists and has been replaced with a paid InstaLike site.

Step 1: Visit FollowerGratis.co.id Situs

  • Open the browser application on your cellphone or desktop. Then on address bar, type the website address FollowerGratis.co.id.

Step 2: Login to Instagram Account

  • Click Sign in at the top right corner. Then, login by using your Instagram account.

Step 3: Select Add Like Option

  • After a successful login, there are many options on the site. Starting from adding likes, adding followers, adding comments, and adding views. You can also see how many followers, following, and the number of your posts.
  • To add likes, you can click on the button + Likes. On average, you will get 2 to 7 likes in 1 post.

Step 4: Select Posts

  • Select a post that you want to add to IG likes by pressing the green button that says +Likes to the right of the post.

Step 5: Wait For More Likes

  • Wait a few moments, then you will get likes on the post. Jaka himself managed to get 2 IG autolikes for free.

Keep in mind, the features on this site can only be used as much as possible 1 time in half an hour just. Must be patient, gang!

Even though it's a little, you can try this method of adding IG likes periodically so that your posts get lots of likes.

2. How to Get Instagram Likes with the Instagram Like Application

In addition to sites like the one above, there is also a way to add likes on IG by IG auto like app available on the Google Play Store, you know.

The like application for Instagram that Jaka recommends is Likes Followers for Instagram. This application can add likes, views, and Instagram followers easily.

To use it, you just have to complete the task to get coin. The coins can then be you exchange to get followers or likes.

Step 1: Download the Likes Followers App for Instagram

  • Download app Likes Followers for Instagram on the Google Play Store or you can click the link below to download it practically:

Step 2: Open the App

  • Once installed, open the application then login by using your Instagram account.

Step 3: Complete the Mission

  • On the main page, you will get a mission to follow and like other people's posts. As you can see, Jaka has 10 coins. By following that person, ApkVenue will automatically get 5 coins.

  • After you collect a lot of coins, you can exchange these coins for followers or likes. If you feel that collecting coins to buy Instagram likes is difficult, you can top up to get 5000 likes instantly.

3. How to Increase Likes on Instagram Without an Application

Don't want to bother opening sites or applications to increase Instagram likes? Don't be confused! ApkVenue also has a way to get lots of likes on Instagram for free without an application, you know!

Actually, what ApkVenue will discuss here is a trick that you have to do every time you want to post something on IG, gang.

Then, how how to add free and safe Instagram likes? Check out a collection of tricks below, yes! Guaranteed to work, okay!

1. Upload Interesting Content

This trick does not only apply to those of you who want to add YouTube subscribers, but it is also very influential for you increase the number of likes on IG.

Before uploading photos or videos to your Instagram account, make sure the content you are about to upload matches your personality and is made more interesting by pouring out your creativity.

If you are confused, you can take advantage of the best photo editing applications that are currently widely available on the Play Store and can be used for free, gang.

If your content is good, ApkVenue is sure this method of adding Instagram likes will work. In fact, it is possible that the number of your IG followers will increase.

2. Use the appropriate hashtags

Hashtag alias hashtags can expand the reach of your posts so that they can be seen by other Instagram users. But keep in mind, your account should not beprivate, yes!

With appropriate and moderate hashtags hype, plus interesting content, your post will be seen by many people who will then put a heart on your post.

How to add Instagram likes without password This is indeed quite old school, but this method is guaranteed to be effective for increasing Instagram likes, gang.

3. Pay Attention to Post Time

According to research conducted by later.com about the best hours to post on Instagram, every day there are hours prime time or different peak hours.

At that time there will be many Instagram users who are active on this social media so it is likely that people will see your post.

How to increase likes on Instagram without an application and this hashtag has proven to be very effective for increasing Indonesian Instagram likes so you must apply this method!

That's Jaka's article about how to add instagram likes easily and definitely free. So that you don't get hacked, you can change your IG password every time you use the method above.

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