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how to install xapk on android & laptop without complicated

How to install XAPK on Android phones and laptops is quite easy, you know! Here Jaka shares what XAPK is and how to install XAPK.

Many people still don't know how to install XAPK and what is XAPK on an Android phone. Even though this file is very important to have today, you know!

What's more, there are lots of apps and games that aren't on the Play Store, even though many people need them and want to play them.

Well, with XAPK you can install applications and games that are not on the Google Play Store at will. Very interesting, right?

To know more clearly, see Jaka's discussion about how to install XAPK which you can follow in full below!

What is XAPK?

Before Jaka tells you how to install XAPK, you need to know first what is XAPK and what is it used for?.

XAPK is new installer file types for Android apps and games which combines APK and OBB formats into a single unit.

This design is intentionally made to make it easier for Android users to install the best applications and games by simply installing XAPK without the need to move OBB files.

So, are you clear about what XAPK is? In section Next, Jaka will discuss how to install XAPK on your cellphone.

How to Install XAPK on HP

How to install XAPK on your cellphone is actually quite easy, but you need a separate application to install XAPK on your cellphone called XAPK Installer.

The XAPK installer file size isn't too big, guys, so you don't have to worry about running out of quota to download this installer.

In addition to its small file size, XAPK Installer also light when you use it to install applications or any game you want.

  • To be able to install XAPK, you need an application XAPK Installer. You can download the XAPK Installer at the link below!
Apps Productivity Apkpure DOWNLOAD
  • Grant access permission on XAPK Installer for Saving Data and Installing the Application from other sources.
  • In addition, because XAPK is used to install applications outside the Google Play Store, you also need to grant XAPK Installer access permission to install applications from other sources.
  • After that, select the application that you want to install through this application interface.

  • If you have trouble finding the XAPK you want to install, try scanning the SD Card and installing the XAPK you want.

  • After the application finishes installing the desired XAPK, the application can be used immediately without moving other files.

You can also try the steps above for those of you who want to know how to install XAPK on Xiaomi, Samsung, or other HP brands.

How to Install XAPK on Laptop

Not only on smartphones, you can also try how to install XAPK PUBG or others on a laptop or PC, gang.

The steps may seem more complicated than installing it on a cellphone, but you can still understand why. Curious? Check out the following tutorial.

1. How to Install XAPK on a Laptop Using BlueStacks

Since the XAPK installer application that ApkVenue discussed earlier cannot be directly installed on a laptop, then you need an Android emulator application.

BlueStacks is one of the most popular emulators and is easy to use.


Before doing this step, make sure you already have the XAPK Installer file previously discussed.

  • First, download and install BlueStacks on your laptop. You can also download BlueStacks via the following link:
Apps Drivers & Smartphone Bluestacks DOWNLOAD
  • Then, go to the folder directory where the XAPK Installer file is stored which ApkVenue has used in the previous method.

  • Double-click to install the application via BlueStacks.

  • Repeat the steps above to install the Amaze File Manager APK. For those of you who don't have the application, you can download it via the following link:
Apps Utilities Team Amaze DOWNLOAD

>>Download Amaze File Manager<<

  • After that, open the BlueStacks application again on the laptop, go to the menu 'Home', and select menu 'My Games'.

  • Click folder 'System Apps' and select 'Android Settings'.

  • Inside the Android Settings page, scroll down and select 'Import Windows Files'.
  • At this stage, find and open XAPK files which you want to install on the laptop. For example, ApkVenue will install the Bus Simulator MOD APK application.
  • Open the Amaze File Manager app on the My Games page. Go to folder DCIM > Shared Folder, then Copy XAPK files which you want to install on the laptop.
  • Next, paste the file into Downloads folder.
  • Still in the My Games menu in the BlueStacks application, double-click the XAPK Installer application to open it. If the access permission window appears, select 'Allow'.
  • Finally, install the XAPK as usual.

Unfortunately, after Jaka tried this method, not all XAPK files were successfully installed. Generally the problem is caused by a device that is not compatible with the game or application.

But, you don't need to worry because Jaka has an alternative way to install XAPK on other laptops below.

2. How to Install XAPK on a Laptop Using Pure APK Install

If in the previous method you used the help of an Android emulator application to be able to install XAPK files, then here is a much easier way.

This time, you will use a software called Pure APK Install which you can download via the following link.

Apps Utilities Apkpure DOWNLOAD

>>Download Pure APK<<

If you have downloaded it, just follow the next steps below:

  • Install the Pure APK Install software on the laptop as usual. You can read Jaka's article on how to install applications on a laptop for more details.

  • If it has been successfully installed, you open the application. Then, click the button 'Open APK file' on the main page of the application.

  • At this stage, find and select the XAPK file that you want to install on your laptop.
  • Finally, press the button 'Install' to complete how to install XAPK on a laptop.

However, unfortunately again Jaka failed to do how to install XAPK on a laptop using this method, gang.

From all the experiments that Jaka did, it might be concluded that you can't install XAPK files on laptop.

Unless, if you use the steps above to install the XAPK file on your cellphone using the help of a laptop by activating the feature USB Debugging and developer mode.

If you want to try installing XAPK without an application on your cellphone, maybe you can try this trick.

XAPK advantages

This new type of installer file has several advantages over installing applications directly from the Google Play Store or with APK files.

Compared to Google Play Store, applications and games with a more diverse XAPK format because Google banned the circulation of some applications and games.

In addition, there are also many applications that are not in the Play Store that you can download via XAPK, such as the Youtube video download application or other similar applications.

How to open an XAPK file and install it on a cellphone is also much easier than installing an APK type file which sometimes has to move OBB separately.

XAPK Disadvantages

Although classified as the latest type of installer, XAPK also has some drawbacks that you need to pay attention to, you know!

The first drawback is that games or applications installed using XAPK rarely support the update feature. Often you have to update this application manually.

In addition, because it is not an official Google application, the security of applications installed via XAPK is also not as safe as from the Play Store.

You have to be smart about choosing a trusted site to download XAPK files like because Jaka has tried all the uploaded applications. Guaranteed safe, okay!

That's how to install XAPK on Android directly via a cellphone or PC that you can practice. Pretty easy to follow, right?

This new type of installer file is indeed trending now because it is much more simple how to install it rather than with other file types.

Although it requires a special application, the size of the XAPK installer application is quite small and light when run.

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