how to delete android apps that can't be deleted

Often annoyed with Android applications let alone ads that can't be removed on Android? Try how to delete Android applications that cannot be deleted as follows.

Google Play Store provides a myriad of applications that you can download and install. But not infrequently, you will find fake Android applications that actually contains ads and hard to delete alias uninstall.

So, if this is the case, how do you deal with it? Take it easy, here Jaka will review how to delete apps that can't be deleted on Android smartphones.

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How to Delete Android Unable to Remove Apps

Because multiple settings enabled, sometimes the Android app refuses to rununinstall alias deleted from your smartphone. Here are some ways you can try to remove android app stubborn.

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How to Delete Android Apps with Device Administrator

The first way you can do when you encounter this problem is through the settings on the Device Administrator. You can do it too without downloading additional application.

Here are some steps you must take, guys.

  • Make sure that the correct Android application can not be deleted. The sign is visible in the app settings Assistive Touch, knob Force stop and Uninstall can not be used.
  • First, open the menu Settings then select Security. Scroll down, then select Device Administrator to open the settings view.
  • Tap on the application you want to delete, then select Deactivate to disable the setting. After that make sure the check missing in the application to be deleted.
  • After doing the above steps, now settings Force stop and Uninstall reactivate so that the application can be deleted or uninstalled.

How to Delete Android Apps with Factory Reset

However, that doesn't mean the previous method won't necessarily succeed in removing Android apps that can't be deleted. There are certain applications that actually contain adware and malware that can only removed by factory reset lol.

Here are some steps you can take.

  • Before doing factory reset, you have to understand that doing this step means it will delete all data on smartphones. You'd better data backup you first, guys.
  • You can go to the menu Settings, then go to tabPersonal. Here you just choose the menu Backup & reset to start a factory reset.
  • On the Backup & reset menu select Factory Data Reset. You will be warned beforehand. If you are sure press the button Reset device to start the process.
  • Finally, you must enter the security code used on the Android smartphone. Wait until the process is complete and the smartphone back to original condition.

Well, that's how to delete undelete apps on android smartphone. This method works in almost all applications. Do you have the same problem? Don't hesitate to try and share your experience in the comments column yes!

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