how to use the latest ovo paylater 2020

Want to shop but don't get paid yet? Take it easy! Jaka will tell you a tutorial on how to use OVO Paylater in detail and complete

Later, service finance technology or fintech currently boom. Appearing one by one, now many fintech which is present in the form of an application to facilitate various buying and selling activities.

Fintech popularize the way of shopping cashless; one that is popular and has a large user base is OVO.

Developed by Lippo Group, OVO now integrated with the buying and selling platform Tokopedia until the online motorcycle taxi Grab.

Adding the type of service, now the service is also known OVO Paylater which can make shopping easier.

Even so, until now there are still a lot of people who don't understand how to use OVO Paylater. Are you one of them?

How to Use OVO Paylater

For you OVO users, it's not wrong if you still feel unfamiliar with the service OVO Paylater because his presence is still relatively new, not like OVO Points which was already popular.

OVO Paylater is a new OVO service introduced in January 2019, who until now have collaborated with Tokopedia and will continue to add merchant other physical and virtual products.

Basically, OVO Paylater is service online installment low interest rates that are quite attractive for those of you who want to buy dream products on credit.

OVO in collaboration with Taralite to provide credit-based services peer to peer which we now know as OVO Paylater.

Interested in sign up for OVO Paylater? If so, ApkVenue has summarized the steps and how to use OVO Paylater, see ya!

OVO Paylater Registration Requirements

Before being registered and owning OVO Paylater account, you need to meet some pre-determined conditions, gang.

Not hard, how come; The following is OVO Paylater registration requirements:

  • Domiciled in the area of ​​Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, or Surabaya

  • Have an OVO account for at least 60 (sixty) days

  • Already upgraded to account OVO Premier

  • Photo ID card

  • Filling in form personal identity

For those of you who don't have your own ID card, Jaka recommends you delay using the OVO Paylater service, okay.

Steps to Use OVO Paylater

As Jaka said earlier in the OVO Paylater registration requirements section, that you must be registered as an OVO Premier account owner before using this service.

Here's how sign up for an OVO Premier account:

  • open OVO app. If you don't have it, you can download the OVO application via the link below:
Apps Utilities PT Visionet Internasional DOWNLOAD
  • Go to tab Finance

  • Click Start on the box with the words Upgrade to OVO Premier

  • Click button Upgrade Now on the next page

  • Click Start on the next page

  • Photo ID (KTP) you are at this stage

  • Then select a location nearest OVO kiosk to complete the upgrade process

By passing the steps above, your account is now registered as OVO Premier, as one of the steps to be able to register OVO Paylater account then, gang.

After that, OVO will analyze the information that you have provided and process it, to then be offered to join the OVO Paylater service.

In order to know if your account was selected to OVO Paylater registration or not, you can check the page Home or tab Finance periodically at OVO app.

OVO Paylater Activation on the Tokopedia Application

Apart from the OVO application, you can also do OVO Paylater account registration through the Tokopedia application, gang; follow these steps:

  • open Tokopedia app on HP
Apps Productivity Tokopedia DOWNLOAD
  • Entered into account page you

  • Click button Activate Now in section Tokopedia Pay

  • You will be asked to enter mobile phone number registered in your OVO account

  • Wait SMS verification code arrives, then enter the code into the box in the Tokopedia application

  • After that, the button Activate Now on the account page will change to OVO account details you

  • Click View All > OVO

  • You will find the text Your application is in progress under the OVO balance top-up box

Periodic checks need to be made to the OVO page in the Tokopedia application, to ensure that OVO Paylater account registration in the Tokopedia application has been successful or not.

OVO Paylater Installment Terms

After submission Your OVO Paylater account is successful, then you can already make installments in various merchant who have collaborated with OVO Paylater or Tokopedia.

When the installment starts, the bill will be made on 27th of every month, depending on the tenor or time period you choose when crediting a product at the beginning of the purchase.

If the installment is not paid past the 27th of each month, the interest is 0.1% per day will be charged in installments until paid.

You can pay the bills OVO Paylater through various payment methods, ranging from Indomaret, ATM machine, virtual account mBanking, and others.

OVO Paylater, Can You Buy Anything?

After you register OVO Paylater, then you can get various conveniences, especially for shopping for physical and/or virtual products.

However, not all transactions can use OVO Paylater. The following are the types of products that can't be transacted with OVO Paylater:

  • Credit Installment

  • Credit Card Bill

  • Gift Cards, E-Money

  • Donation

  • Zakat

  • Mutual Fund

  • Gold

Now your curiosity will how to use OVO Paylater already answered isn't it? One of most popular eWallet app in Indonesia, it can also provide credit facilities via OVO Paylater.

Hopefully summary how to register OVO Paylater earlier can help you to have a dream product or buy credit online cashless literally, because the payment can be on the 27th after payday.

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