how to stream smoothly on android without slow or buffering

Streaming on a smartphone is fun, it's just annoying, isn't it if you often buffer? So, to make streaming even more fun, this time Jaka has a way to stream on Android without buffering.

Watching TV is getting easier since the internet continues to grow rapidly. With a variety of smartphones from various platform, the experience of watching TV using the internet is getting easier. Besides streaming via computer, now you can streaming directly via smartphone. Well, this time Jaka will give how to streaming TV on Android runs smoothly without buffering.

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Superiority streaming on Android is that we can watch a favorite show directly through a smartphone, without having to go through a PC or conventional TV. It's just a weakness streaming is often buffering for various reasons.

How to Stream Without Buffering

It's not annoying when you're having fun watching TV or your favorite show instead buffering. Even those whose intentions are to get rid of fatigue through watching TV can fall apart and turn into annoyance. That's why you have to know how streaming without buffering, so you can watch TV anytime anywhere smoothly.

Use Super Fast Internet Network

The fact that the internet in Indonesia is very slow is undeniable. One way is to use the super-fast 4G LTE internet network that has been touted at this time. As for using this super fast internet network, there are two things you should pay attention to. First, of course, you have to use a smartphone that supports the 4G LTE network. There have been many affordable smartphones that offer 4G LTE support for sale in Indonesia (read: 5 Best 4G Android Smartphones at a Price of 1 Million, so you can choose freely.

Second, you must use a special SIM card that supports 4G networks, which is called U-SIM. You can get a U-SIM by buying a new card, or exchanging it at service center from the operator you are using.

Clear Cache

As Jaka once alluded to in 11 ways to keep Android going fast, cache it will make your Android faster to open an application. But it also makes your Android performance slow down more and more cache which is on your Android. One of the performances that also decreased due to cache is the speed of the internet, because the internet also accommodates cache. By always cleaning cache on your Android smartphone, then you will get a faster and smoother smartphone performance streaming without buffering.

Use Mivo TV

If you really like music and don't want to miss your favorite shows, then you have to try Mivo TV. By providing 55 local and international TV shows, Mivo TV can be accessed from a PC or directly via your Android. Download Mivo from link that Jaka provides so you can streaming without buffering on Android.

Video & Audio Media & Video Apps DOWNLOAD

By using Mivo, you can adjust how the quality of the resulting image during streaming. So that streaming without buffering, High Quality in Mivo do not activate. By not activating the High Quality feature streaming on Mivo, you can streaming without buffering even if you are using a 3G network. The impact is that the image quality is not sharp, but at least you can streaming without buffering because the image quality is light.

Well, that was the way for you to run smoothly streaming without buffering on Android. By using the method that Jaka gave, then you can smoothly do it streaming to enjoy your favorite shows anytime anywhere.

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