5 loan applications for students

Unsecured and fast loan application for students. For more details, here are some of the applications that you can choose from.

Are you a student and in need of a fast, unsecured loan? Don't worry, because this time Jaka wants to discuss 5 loan applications for students.

Students often need urgent funds, such as funds to pay for college, thesis, printing assignments, research, and so on.

If that's what's happening to you, just take a look at the following Jaka article.

Borrow Money Application for Students

There are several things you should pay attention to before borrowing money, namely:

  • Loan interest

  • Loan tenor

  • Penalty for late payment of a loan

  • App access. Make sure the loan application that you choose does not arbitrarily use personal data such as contact lists on cellphones, cellphone numbers, and ID cards.

The five loan applications for students that Jaka has selected below do not require collateral, but some of them also require you to attach a payslip.

Most importantly, the following five applications have been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

So, just choose the one that suits you, OK!

1. Rupiah Fund

The first loan application for students is FundsRupiah. This is one of the unsecured money loan applications.

Applications for cash loans in the DanaRupiah application can only be made via an online application. The speed of defrosting is one of the advantages of this application.

DanaRupiah offers loan services in the amount of IDR 400,000 to IDR 8 million.

Terms of Borrowing Rupiah Funds:

  • 18 years and over

  • Have a bank account in Indonesia

  • Indonesian citizen and have an ID card

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2. Smart Credit

Smart Credit is a loan application for the next student. In this application, you can apply for an online loan without payslip.

The loan tenor at Smart Credit is 14 days, 30 days, and 3 months. You can borrow up to IDR 2 million in this one application.

Terms of Smart Credit Money Borrowing:

  • Indonesian citizens

  • Age 18-55 years or minimum age 22 years and maximum age 60 years.

  • Have a valid ID card

  • Have a bank account according to your ID card

  • Domiciled in Indonesia


3. MoneyFriend

MoneyFriend is the first short-term online loan in Indonesia. This application provides unsecured money loans.

The difference with KreditPintar, if you want to borrow money here, you must have a job or a steady source of income.

Loan tenor ranging from 10 days to 30 days. The minimum loan application is IDR 1 million.

You can apply for a loan on the UangTeman website or in the application directly.

The difference is, if on the website directly, you can't use the installment service to pay your loan (one payment).

But if in the application, you can use the installment method to pay off your money loan.

Terms of Borrowing Friend's Money:

  • 21 - 65 years old

  • Accessing applications from the Republic of Indonesia

  • Domiciled in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, and Klaten

  • Minimum income of IDR 2.3 million for those who live in Greater Jakarta and IDR 2 million for those who live in Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, and Klaten

  • Show ID card and personal photo

  • Have a savings account in his name

  • Have email


4. Prime

The next loan application for students is Prime. This application provides loan services of IDR 800,000, IDR 1,500,000, IDR 1,800,000 and IDR 2,000,000.

You also don't need to worry because this application does not require any guarantees, only an ID card. Just five minutes, the funds will immediately disburse.

The loan tenor is 14 days and the loan interest is 0.8 percent per day without other fees.

Documents required to borrow money in the Prime loan application:

  • Personal information
  • Job information
  • Emergency contact information and relationships with borrowers
  • ID card photo and personal photo

5. TunaiKita

Finally, there is an online loan application, TunaiKita. You can apply for a loan starting from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 20 million with loan tenors ranging from 10 days to 6 months.

Terms of our Cash Loan:

  • Minimum age 21 years and maximum age 60 years
  • Indonesian citizens
  • Have an ID card
  • Have a bank account
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Those are the 5 loan applications for students, Jaka's version. Jaka recommends that you borrow money only when you really need it, gang.

Don't forget, make sure you can repay your loan. Hope it is useful!

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