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make no mistake! This is the difference between tethering and hotspot that you need to know

The terms tethering and hotspot are often considered the same because they are interrelated. In fact, these two things have different meanings. Here's the explanation.

As humans who live in today's generation, internet connection is certainly a need that is as important as other primary needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Just a day without being connected to the internet, we will definitely miss a lot of information and can't socialize with our relatives in cyberspace.

Even though they are classified as actively using the internet, the majority of people, especially young people, prefer to use the internet free internet. Almost every time there is an opportunity, this type of internet user looks for a connection through hot spot in public places or ask tethering to someone else.

Talking about tethering and hotspot? Do you know the difference between these two things? Or have you always thought the two things were the same? For those of you who are still confused or all this time sotoy aka knowing pretentious, Jaka will tell you difference between tethering and hotspot what you need to know.

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The Difference Between Tethering and Hotspot You Need to Know

Many people think that these two terms are the same or have identical meanings. Indeed, both tethering and hotspot are two interrelated things. However, when examined, these two terms have different meanings. You don't want to be considered ignorant because you can't tell the difference between these two things? For that, Jaka will discuss difference between tethering and hotspot. Let's see!


Of course, we often hear today's kids who like to ask for tethering with friends around them. Or are you also one of those who have the same hobby? Tethering itself means accessing the internet on a device (smartphone, computer, etc.) through other devices. In other words, one device borrows another device's internet connection.

Tethering itself can be done in several ways, starting from connecting it with WiFi, via bluetooth, or connecting it physically with a USB cable. The term tethering is usually used to cover a narrow area or not too wide and the number of devices is not much.

Hot spot

The term hotspot, of course, you have often heard and is popular among the community. There are also many places or public facilities that provide hotspots for visitors to use. Hot spot itself means an internet access provider that is connected wirelessly (wireless) for devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and so on.

The most basic difference from tethering is that hotspots have a wide area coverage of up to a radius of 30 meters. In addition, a hotspot can accommodate a larger number of devices without fear of an unstable connection. Various devices that can be used as hotspots include routers, smartphones and computers.

That's a glimpse of difference between tethering and hotspot what you need to know. Although most importantly they both refer to a free internet connection, more or less you will know what the difference is between the two. You will now no longer look clueless and deserve to be called kids nowadays.

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