9 best android Islamic games for ngabuburit, very useful!

Want to find a useful game to play while hanging out? Try the 10 best Islamic games on Android that ApkVenue recommends, it's very useful!

Who says hanging out at home makes you bored? Since there smartphone and the internet, you no longer need to leave the house to wait for iftar time.

Of course, a myriad of activities can be done while ngabuburit, such as playing games, access social media, or simply browsing.

In this month of Ramadan, you can play games which of course can make your fasting activities run smoothly because no negative content.

Interested in doing it? Here is what Jaka recommends 9 Islamic games which you can play while waiting for iftar time!

9 Best Android Islamic Games

Even though most of the games on this list are games designed for kids, you can still play them, gang!

Count to test how well you understand Islam. Curious what the game is?

1. Islamic Strictly


Games First, it contains educational content that can also be used as a means to explore Islam.

Application titled Islamic Careful it comes with an interactive interface ready sharpen the brain you about Islam through more than 1,000 question banks.

The question features contained in games These are the themes of prayer, monotheism, ablution, fasting, history, zakat, and fiqh.

InformationIslamic Careful
DeveloperSolite Kids
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.7 (4.218)
Size11 MB
Android Minimum2.3

2. Soleh Super Jump


Enjoy playing Mario Bros. games? If you are bored, you can try the application Soleh Super Jump which has a similar concept.

You can play this Indonesian-made game with the platformer genre through a character named Soleh.

You have to move agilely to jump from one platform to another and pass a series of challenges that are presented throughout the game.

InformationSoleh Super Jump
DeveloperZayn Apps
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (170)
Size6.1 MB
Android Minimum2.3

3. Sholeh Children's Game


As the name implies, this application is ready to invite children to know more about Islam.

Loading up to more than 100 mini games, the content presented contains basic Islamic lessons such as prayer procedures to the introduction of the hijaiyah letter.

Not only that, parents are also provided with a companion application to monitor children's activities while playing games this one.

InformationSholeh Kids Games
DeveloperAgate Games
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (2.454)
Size57 MB
Android Minimum4.1

Other Games . . .

4. Islamic Quiz


The last is the Islamic Quiz - Muslim Children's Education. This educational game can teach you to learn the religion of Islam through 10 quiz levels which is available.

Not only is it ready to invite you to have fun in a positive way, this game can also increase the value of Islamic studies at school!

InformationIslamic Quiz
DeveloperCoding Studio
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (131)
Size3.4 MB
Android Minimum4.0.3

5. Islamic Memory Game for All


Do you often feel that you are a forgetful person? Try to practice your memory skills with games Islamic Memory Game for All.

There are many game modes that you can try to hone your memory power, such as Match Mode, Drag Mode, Seek Mode, and so forth.

InformationIslamic Memory Game for All
DeveloperQuran Reading
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (229)
Size3.0 MB
Android Minimum4.1

6. Muslim Millionaire


Do you remember, gang, quiz? Who Wants to be a Millionaire guided by Tantowi Yahya? Well, for those of you who miss, you can play games Muslim Millionaire this one!

This game contains questions about Islam and is divided into 5 levels. Levels 1 to 3 contain 15 questions each.

If you are not satisfied, there are still levels extreme consisting of 100 questions. Still not satisfied? There are levels 2extreme which has 150 questions!

Still not enough?? You'd better make your own game, gang!

InformationMuslim Millionaire
DeveloperLABKOMIF UIN Bandung
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.6 (4.178)
Size5.3 MB
Android Minimum4.1

7. Marbel Muslim Kids + Islamic Learning Series

Trivia Games DOWNLOAD

Do you want to teach your sister or nephew to learn Islam while playing? If yes, you must download Marvel Muslim Kids + Islamic Learning Series this one.

This application applies the concept of learning while playing, gang, so it will not be boring. Moreover, each material is equipped with interesting pictures, voice narrations, and animations.

InformationMarbel Muslim Kids + Islamic Learning Series
DeveloperEducation Studio
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (3.680)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.0.3

8. Islamic Religion Quiz


Next up is the game Islamic Religion Quiz. As the name implies, this game provides more than 700 questions from 5 categories.

With this game, you will be forced to answer quickly because there is a predetermined time. Interestingly, you can find out your value and the value of other players.

So, if you are a competitive type of person, you must be excited to play this game until you are ranked first.

InformationIslamic Religion Quiz
DeveloperCare for Education
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (926)
Size4.6 MB
Android Minimum4.0

9. Islamic crossword clue 2019


Finally, there is a game Islamic crossword clue 2019 which will be perfect for fans of Crosswords. This game can be played for all ages.

Your insight into Islam is absolutely necessary to be able to solve the problems in this game. Moreover, this game is very light for the memory capacity of your cellphone.

InformationIslamic crossword clue 2019
DeveloperMung Media
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (235)
Size4.4 MB
Android Minimum4.1

The list of games above contains Islamic values, which of course can increase knowledge and make your ngabuburit activities more useful.

Apart from playing games, what else do you usually do while waiting for iftar time? Share in the comments column, yes!

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