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watch candidate wife (2019) full movie

Are you looking for the latest romantic comedy movie recommendations? Jaka advises you to watch this one Prospective Bini movie!

Nowadays, it's rare for people to be forced into marriage by the family's choice. It's still there, but not as much as it used to be.

That's the concept that comedy films are trying to apply Candidate for wife this one. There was a beautiful woman who was forced to marry for the sake of the family's ego.

Well, if you want to watch this one movie, just go ahead scroll down! There is a synopsis and also interesting facts, you know!

Synopsis of the Film Candidate Bini

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Ningsih (Michelle Ziudith) is a beautiful country girl. Even though he is a villager, he has very high aspirations, including going to college.

Honey, uncle Mr. Le Agung (Ramzi) wants to marry Ningsih to the son of the village head named Sapto (Dian Sidik) to become a village head.

Ningsih, of course, was against this desire, so she decided to run away to Jakarta the day before the wedding ceremony, causing an uproar among the villagers.

Arriving in Jakarta, Ningsih got a job as a helper for a large family Grandma (Niniek L. Karim).

The relationship between Grandma and her daughter-in-law is not very good. Fortunately, the grandson named Good Knight (Rizky Nazar) is very kind to him.

Unfortunately, Satria had to leave Oma to continue his studies in London. Ningsih's presence is a solace for Oma.

Ningsih's cheerful and kind daily life makes Grandma love her. Oma wants to set Ningsih to Satria, which her parents clearly oppose.

For some reason, Ningsih had to return to her village. Satria, who had just arrived in Indonesia, was asked by his grandmother to follow Ningsih.

How will the story of Ningsih and Satria end? Did Ningsih succeed in achieving her goals or did she have to swallow the bitter pill by marrying Sapto?

Interesting Facts about Prospective Bini's Movies

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Candidate Bini is a comedy-romance genre film that is very interesting to enjoy. There are some interesting facts about this film, gang!

  • This film is not the first film of Michelle Ziudith and Rizky Nazar acting together. They have starred in a movie Magic Hour, ILY From 38,000 FT, and London Love Story 2.

  • For the two main characters, this is their first film that carries the comedy genre.

  • In order to explore character, Michelle Ziudith must learn Javanese because she comes from Padang, West Sumatra.

  • In order to get a Javanese accent, Michelle Ziudith often listens to Javanese songs. he also learned from the senior comedian, Marwoto.

  • In this film, there is a special appearance by the grandson of Antonio Blanco, a famous painter who came from the Philippines but spent his life in Indonesia.

Watch the Film Candidate Bini

TitleCandidate for wife
ShowFebruary 14, 2019
Duration1 hour 36 minutes
ProductionScreenplay Films
DirectorAsep Kusdinar
CastMichelle Ziudith, Rizky Nazar, Dian Sidik, et al
GenreComedy, Drama
Rating7.2/10 (27)

Because of the simplicity of the story, maybe this film will feel cliche and easy to guess where to take it.

Even so, this film is still interesting to enjoy in your spare time with family or friends.

For those of you who want to watch this film, just click on the link below!

>>>Watching the prospective wife's film<<<

Calon Bini's film is able to present a fresh comedy with a distinctive Javanese touch. The presence of many Javanese-blooded actors is one of the strengths of this film.

Is there another Indonesian film that you want to watch? Write in the comments column, yes!

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