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how to delete & deactivate twitter account [new 2020]

Are you tired of playing Twitter? Want to delete a Twitter account without having to log in? Here's how to permanently delete/deactivate a Twitter account.

Are you tired of playing Twitter again because you are already an Instagram kid? But don't know how to delete a Twitter account?

Actually, you could say Twitter is the best social media in 2018. So, there is a way to permanently delete Twitter!

If you really want to delete your Twitter account, there are several ways you can do it. You can delete your Twitter account both on PC and on mobile you. Both are also very easy for you to do!

As a bonus, ApkVenue will also tell you how to delete a Twitter account that forgot the password!

A collection of ways to permanently delete a Twitter account

Digital track records are now increasingly important considering that the majority of people are internet literate. No wonder, many people delete their social media accounts, such as Facebook to maintain their image.

Before telling you how to permanently deactivate Twitter, Jaka wants to tell you a few things that you must know, gang!

If the reason you're deleting Twitter is because you're having problems with your account, then deactivating then re-enabling it won't fix anything.

An example of a Twitter problem that can occur is the presence of tweets lost, amount followers or following wrong, until there is Direct Messages suspicious.

If you really want to delete your Twitter account, just follow the steps below!

How to Delete Twitter Account on PC/Laptop

First, ApkVenue will tell you how to delete a Twitter account on a PC or laptop. Before that, make sure you have a Twitter account, OK!

Here are the steps:

1. Log in to the Twitter account you want to delete

Log in or log into your Twitter account as usual, then in the upper right corner Click on your small profile photo.

2. Go to Settings

After you click on your profile photo, there will be several rows of menus related to your Twitter account settings. choose Privacy and settings.

3. Go to Account Menu

After entering Settings, select menu Account and select Deactivate Your Account.

4. Deactivate Twitter Account

If you have done all the steps above, press the button Disable like the picture above. First, read some important things about deactivating your Twitter account so you don't regret it.

Later, you will be asked to enter a password as part of the account verification process. Keep in mind that your new account will completely disappear permanently after 30 days.

Twitter will still retain all user data at that time. New data is deleted when 30 days have passed.

Within that time, you can reactivate your account if you change your mind. If you want to delete it again, then you have to wait another 30 days.

How to Delete Twitter Account on Mobile

Not everyone has a laptop or computer, so they can only use Twitter from smartphones owned by both Android and iOS.

If you are one of them, follow the steps below, Jaka will tell you how to permanently deactivate Twitter via HP!

1. Download the Twitter App

First, make sure that you have the Twitter app on your smartphone. You can download via the link below:

Apps Social & Messaging Twitter DOWNLOAD

2. Go to Settings

After that, please do the process Log in first by using the account you want to delete. If you have entered, click profile photo which is in the right corner.

Select Settings and privacy to open Twitter settings.

3. Log in to Account

Select menu Account which is located at the top. choose Deactivate your account which is located below itself.

4. Account Verification

Read first a few things related to deactivating your Twitter account. If you are sure, press the Deactivate button. You will be asked to enter a password for the verification process.

Just like deleting Twitter on a computer, you have to wait 30 days for your account to be permanently lost.

Also keep in mind that search engines like Google can bring up tweets your old if queryit matches even if you delete it tweets the.

Even so, whoever clicks tweets it will get an error message.

How to delete a Twitter account without logging in

If you have forgotten your Twitter account password and are looking for a way to delete a suspended or locked Twitter account, you can follow this method.

1. Go to 'Forgot Password'

First of all, you open the Twitter site as usual from your computer to make it easier and more flexible. Next select Forgot password

2. Enter Twitter ID

Furthermore,enter ID or username Your Twitter account that you want to delete. If you enter the correct Twitter ID, Your Twitter ID will appear plus the email you used as an e-mail. Log in. choose Continue.

3. Twitter contacts

To contact Twitter, you just click or select the menu Still need help? Later you will send an e-mail with Customer Service (CS) Twitter.

4. Send Email to Twitter

Next you MUST send an e-mail to Twitter including your e-mail address. Oh yes, Jaka strongly recommends that you send an e-mail to Twitter in English.

You can see an offline English dictionary to translate your words so that they are easily understood by CS Twitter.

Within a few days usually CS Twitter will reply to your e-mail and follow up on your request to delete your Twitter account.

Approximately, that's a collection of ways to deactivate Twitter that you must know, gang. The method is practical and only takes a few minutes.

Bonus: How to Use the Same Email for a New Twitter Account

Maybe you want to delete your Twitter account because you want to create a new Twitter account. It could be because you feel there followers very annoying or get terror via DM.

For example, if you have deleted your Twitter account but still want to use the email to create a new Twitter, there is a way, gang!

1. Go to Settings

After you log in, go to the Settings and privacy menu which you can find by pressing the profile photo in the upper left corner. Select Account.

2. Changing Username

Click the Username menu to change your username. After that, change the email address located under the Mobile menu. If you don't have another email address, just create one by following the tutorial below!

If you have, press Save changes which is located at the bottom of the page and enter the password for the verification process

3. Confirm Email Address

You will be asked to confirm the email address you just entered. You can check it via your email inbox.

If so, you can use your old username and email for your new account later after the 30 day deactivation period. Easy, right?

Thus how to delete twitter account on PC and mobile which you can very easily do. Turns out it's really easy, right?

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