how to improve video quality without additional apps

The results of your video recording are shaky alias shake? You can stabilize it easily without any additional video editing app this way!

The majority of Android smartphones are now equipped with high-quality cameras that can produce fantastic images. Not only photos, the quality of smartphone cameras is now also able to produce super clear video recordings like camcorder high class.

The higher the FPS (frames per second) that can be recorded by a smartphone camera, the better the quality of the resulting video. Unfortunately, good camera specifications do not guarantee to produce good videos. The ability of the recorder also affects the video results. Often, the amount of movement and instability in holding the camera makes the video result shaky aka shake.

Don't worry, you can fix bad video results on your Android very easily. No need for additional video editing applications, this time ApkVenue will share tips about how to improve video quality on Android. In this case, how to stabilize the video shaky aka shake alias a lot of shocks.

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How to Improve Video Quality on Android Without Additional Apps

Photo source: Source: RS-Tech

Right. You don't need a video editing application or other additional applications to improve your video shaky. You can simply take advantage of one of the features in Google Photos. Yes, the default application that is definitely on your Android has a feature that can improve and improve video quality. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the app Google Photos which of course is already available on your Android smartphone.
  • Choose a video shaky which you want to fix alias stabilize.
  • Once the video is open, select or tap on the hamburger-like icon given the red box in the image below.
  • choose STABILIZE.
  • The application will start running the process stabilizing. At this stage, you just need to wait for your video to finish stabilizing.
  • Your video has been successfully stabilized, the video status has changed to STABILIZED.

That's how to improve video quality on Android i.e. stabilize video shaky without using additional video editing applications. You can now enjoy watching videos containing exciting moments with better quality because they are no longer available shaky again. Easy, right? Good luck!

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