6 unique android lockscreen applications that you must try

Jaka will provide several alternative unique Android Lock Screen applications that make unlocking even more fun. Here are 6 unique Android Lockscreen applications that you must try.

Surely you already know what it is Lock Screen Android? Lock screen is the display when we turn off the screen and turn it on again, then we will be asked to slide the screen, enter passwords, patterns, and others.

You will meet a saturation point where you are bored with the mediocre look or how to open the lock that never changes. Therefore, here ApkVenue will provide several alternative applications Lock Screen A unique Android that makes unlocking even more fun.

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6 Unique Android Lockscreen Applications You Must Try

1. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

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Anti Theft Alarm provide protection for us, because when we store the cellphone and then someone tries to open it and the pattern or password is wrong, a police siren or alarm will sound which will make people who want to be ignorant run away because they are shocked by the alarm.

2. CashTree

To lock screen This one unique Android besides you get a look lock screen What's unique is that you can also earn money by simply unlocking your phone. CashTree which already has a name in Korea is now present in Indonesia. By using Cashtree, you can collect rupiah coffers that can be used to generate pulses for free. Pretty good right?


3. Cover Lock Screen

Application lock screen This best Android in addition to providing a different and unique look, it also provides direct access to applications that are set to be stored on the front page. Cover Lock Screen also has the advantage of changing the theme according to the place you set such as office, home, car, and others. So like when you are driving you need the Google Maps GPS application, so you just have to open it in the Google Maps app lock screen this. Cool isn't it?

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4. GO Locker

Application lock screen This unique Android is an app lock screen the most popular version of the Play Store. Recorded more than 100 million downloads and with good performance and compatibility makes GO Locker be an app lock screen the most desirable. If it's a display problem, different people have different opinions, so just give it a try.

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5. Ice Unlock Finger Print Scanner

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Ever dreamed of having a cell phone that could fingerprint (fingerprint detection)? Now it can be realized with this application. Application lock screen This unique Android lets us unlock with our fingerprint! Wow, cool right?! By taking advantage of the camera and snapping your finger, the app Ice Unlock Finger Print Scanner be an alternative if you want a way to open lock screen in a different way.

6. Joy Locker: Game Theme

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The latter can make a display lock screen you are so much fun. With features that can change lock screen you like games, apps Joy Locker: Game Theme will give a different sensation when unlocking. With a variety of different games, of course, you will feel more comfortable using this application.

Appearance Lock Screen it depends on the taste of each of us, which is suitable or which is not. So you can choose one of the options above and try which one That is so you. That's all from me and hopefully useful.

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