5 best firewall applications to improve computer security

Firewall is a very important application in charge of maintaining computer security. Many Firewall applications are scattered on the internet. Which one is the most reliable? Check out this Jaka review, come on!

Firewall is a very important application in charge of maintaining the security of your computer from outside attacks. Firewall will prevent unauthorized access who wants to access your computer, especially if that access threatens the security of the data on your computer.

Up to now, there are so many Firewall apps that are scattered on the internet so that it makes many of us confused. Which Firewall application should we use and is really effective in protecting the computer devices we use, both in terms of features and usage?

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5 Best Firewall Applications To Improve Computer Security

Well, so that you are not confused, this time Jaka will discuss a number of Firewall application recommendations which you can make an option to increase the security of your computer device. What the hell? Let's see!

1. Comodo Free Firewall

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Comodo Free Firewall is one of the favorite Firewalls that is widely used by users around the world. Especially those who do understand how important it is to maintain computer security.

Comodo Free Firewall was chosen because of its capabilities block ARP attack, whether it's in the form of spoofing and poisoning. In addition, this Comodo Firewall will secure all forms of connections that you make when you are online and monitor connections that go outside or enter your computer as well as the HIPS system that will protect important data on your computer so that not modified by foreign programs that is inserted into your computer.

2. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is one of the well-known Firewalls that is often compared to Comodo Free Firewall. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is able to hide your IP address so that avoid the attackers while preventing attacks that are inbound and outbound.

In addition, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has features monitoring to monitor programs with suspicious behavior and will give a warning when you access malicious sites and warnings when you want to download programs that are considered dangerous. Plus with features online backup, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall can be one of your main choices.

3. Tinywall

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If you don't really like large Firewall applications because they are considered to be a burden on RAM, you can try Tinywall. As the name implies, this Tinywall app only 1MB in size but offers a number of features that are quite good.

Starting from the features that allow you to manage which applications can use your internet network, limiting application access only on LAN network only, supports IPv6, settings password, port and domain blacklist and of course actively blocking various types of trojans and viruses.


4. Anti-Netcut 3

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For those of you who are often connected to public WiFi such as in the WiFi ID corner or in other places hot spot others, you can take advantage of Anti-Netcut 3 this as a Firewall to protect your computer connection.

As we know, a public network is a network that accessed by many people so there is a possibility that in the public network there are bad parties with bad intentions doing ARP spoofing. Well, Anti-Netcut 3 itself will ensure that that person will not be able to do ARP spoofing or cut connections or manipulate your internet connection.

5. Peerblock

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Peerblock is a Firewall application that was created specifically to protect users who make frequent connections peer to peer as share files via Torrent. This peerblock allows you to control your computer's communication to other computers via the internet, do block on servers and sites that are known to be malicious, and create your own list of malicious sites. In settings defaultYou can also use this Peerblock to block ads and spyware.

That was it 5 best Firewall apps to improve computer security We. Please choose which one you think fits your needs. In Jaka's personal opinion, it would be better if you choose more than one Firewall application for make a better combination, for example combining the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall feature and Netcut 3's anti-ARP spoofing feature. Hope this is useful and good luck!

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