6 exciting racing games that can be played online or offline on android

Well, 6 games that ApkVenue will discuss below. Besides being fun, you can also choose to play it online or offline. Check out the following review.

Racing or racing games seem to provide another alternative for players racing lover to perform speeding stunts with a wide selection of vehicles without endangering anyone. Driving at full speed, overtaking and outperforming opponents with varied track arenas makes most gamers love the genre this one game.

Various options racing games ready to pamper fans who want to feel the sensation of racing with only a smartphone. As 6 games which ApkVenue will discuss below. Besides being fun, you can also choose to play it online or offline. Check out the following review.

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6 Exciting Racing Games That Can Be Played Online And Offline on Android

1. Real Racing 3

Third series Real Racing which was released on February 2013 it offers the thrill of exciting racing for players with a variety of cool actions. There are many car choice best for you to use in the racing arena with fun gameplay and perfect control system.

Stunning graphics let you see the cars you'll be driving with very detail, as well as the locations used for racing. You can do both online and offline racing freely in Real Racing 3.

2. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

This racing game will test how good your instincts and abilities are control the car on the racetrack. There are several types of vehicles off-road which will provide the sensation of driving with a unique gameplay. You can race offline without having to be connected with the internet. However, if you want to pit your racing skills against competitors from various parts of the world, you can use the online mode and compete in real-time multiplayer.

3. Alphalt 8: Airbone

Asphalt 8: Airbone is one of the racing games that is quite heavy to play on Android, but is equivalent to the quality and fun that players will get when playing it. Asphalt 8: Airbone provides more than 40 cars for you to choose with famous brands like Ferrari to Lamborghini.

You can also perform high jumps at full speed in race track taking place in various countries. Can be played online or offline, Alphalt 8: Airbone is guaranteed to make you feel the thrill of racing The real.

4. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

There are more than 60 vehicles with various famous brand who will welcome you in this one racing game. You can practice your racing skills by competing offline before challenging players from around the world in online multiplayer mode. There is so lots of racing action what you can do to show how much you can control the game with this super fun gameplay.

5. Bike Racing 2

If you are bored with car racing and want to try motorcycle racing, then you can try this Android game. Bike Racing 2 provides the sensation of motorcycle racing with slick graphics and various options dirt bike which is interesting. You can play offline or online with other players to test your adrenaline with various obstacles that you will encounter during the race.

6. Super Bike Racer

Another very fun and addictive motorcycle racing game. Super Bike Racer have 3D view which makes the visualization quite realistic. Game controls that are easy to master as well as unique gameplay make this game so entertaining.

Moreover, you will also be treated beautiful view during the race. The locations used for the race are enough to make you feel challenged. The cool thing is that you are free to choose whether you want to play online or offline.

Well, that's him 6 fun racing games that you can play online or offline on Android. For you fans of racing games, download the game now, come on!

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