5 ways to increase smartphone memory for free

For those of you who like to store large and large files but the memory on your smartphone is not enough. Here's how to increase smartphone memory for free..

As there are more and more cool apps and games for smartphones, internal memory even a 32GB smartphone feels lacking. Especially if you really like taking photos and saving videos.

Actually, those of you who like taking photos or storing videos will be more suitable if you buy a smartphone that is equipped with 64GB or 128GB of internal memory. But it's expensive. So, JalanTikus will give you tips or how to increase smartphone memory for free.

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How to Increase Smartphone Memory

Currently, smartphones with 8GB to 256GB of internal memory are available in the market, such as iPhone X or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. But the price is very expensive. Instead of buying expensive smartphones with large internal memory, it's better to try the following ways to add smartphone memory:

1. Use the Adoptable Storage Feature

One of the cool features in Android Marshmallow is Adoptable Storage. This feature allows you to treat your external memory or memory card as internal memory.

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Unlike previous versions of Android, you can convert external memory to internal memory on Android Marshmallow without root. Only with the external memory you have, your smartphone's internal memory will increase.

2. Google Photos

Because you have the best selfie smartphone, it's only natural that you really like it selfie; until you don't realize your smartphone memory is full of selfie photos. To fix this, you can install the application Google Photos to save photos in your Gmail account.

The advantage of Google Photos is that you can upload your photos in standard format automatically unlimited. So don't be afraid to run out storage. Uniquely, every photo of yours can be loaded quickly and lightly, without having to worry about wasting quota.

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3. Google Drive

Google Drive provides free 15 GB of storage space when you first create a Gmail account. You can store photos, documents, videos, and songs in it freely. You can also access it from multiple devices easily.

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If you are a person who often stores important documents on your smartphone, it's a good idea to use MEGA. You can add smartphone memory up to 50GB for free! That's it, the data you store in MEGA is guaranteed to be safe, because it is strictly encrypted.

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5. OTG Flashdisk

Your smartphone is not yet Marshmallow and lazy to waste quota for backup photo or document in cloud storage? You can use other methods other than those mentioned above. You can use flash drive which already supports OTG and save data in USB OTG so that it can be opened anytime and anywhere. Only, the price of this OTG flash is quite expensive you know alias not free.

How? Isn't it easy to add memory on this smartphone? No need to be afraid of your smartphone's internal memory running out if you use the method above. Hopefully this article will also be able to make you more friendly with the service cloud storage yes!

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