watch out for strays! Here are 5 ways to strengthen a weak GPS signal on Android

GPS is usually activated to find the location we are going to using Google Maps.

GPS is a system that functions to determine the location or location on the entire surface of the earth. GPS is usually activated to find the location we are going to using Google Maps.

However, we will experience the occurrence of an error GPS signal so that we cannot use it. Well, this time Jaka will give 5 ways to strengthen an error or weak GPS signal on Android. Let's see right away.

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5 Ways to Boost Weak GPS Signals on Android

1. Enable GPS constantly

Indeed, activating the GPS signal will make your battery run out quickly. However, it doesn't matter if you are looking for the location you are going to. By activating continuously, the GPS signal will not continue to search for GPS signals and adapt to the signal at that time. But if you don't use it, it's best just turn off the GPS feature so that your battery lasts longer.

2. Refresh GPS data

If you activate the GPS continuously it does not produce a strong GPS signal. The next way you can do is refresh the GPS data. This will make GPS signal You are back looking for data in the location you have specified. The trick, you just need to disable the GPS feature and then activate it again.

3. Enable high accuracy mode in GPS

By activating high accuracy mode or High Accuracy in the GPS, this will make your GPS signal will be much stronger than before. The trick is that you can press the GPS feature and hold it then select Mode after that select High Accuracy.

4. Restart Smartphone

The fourth way is restart smartphone you if the GPS signal is weak. In this way, the GPS feature on your Android will reload the data. This will also clear all the cache on your smartphone so that your smartphone can work more optimally.

5. Using the Active GPS app

If the four methods above still don't produce a strong GPS signal, the last thing you can do is to use the Active GPS application. This application has size 277KB and has an active GPS sensor with 3 modes namely slow, normal, and fast.

Well, that's 5 ways to strengthen a weak GPS signal on Android. It must be annoying if our GPS signal is weak so that it is difficult for us to find the location we are going to. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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