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scared fanny? These 8 heroes can make fanny fail to fly in war mobile legends

Who doesn't know this terrible assassin hero? Yes, she is Fanny, one of the assassin heroes who is labeled as a very terrible hero when held by a reliable user.

Who doesn't know this terrible assassin hero? Yes, she is Fanny, one of the assassin heroes who is labeled as a very terrible hero when held by a reliable user. Even though Fanny is a hero who is very difficult to control and depends on buff or forest monsters marked with purple dots on the map that can add effect to the hero who killed him, but if held by an advanced user, the team with that user has a greater chance of winning.

One of the terrible things about this hero is the skill Steel Cable his, this skill will make him throw the cable in the direction the player is pointing, he will fly when the cable is attached to the wall. If at the time of flying he hits the opponent, then the skill Tornado Strike his will be triggered, this skill will make him spin the sword like a tornado and give damage to the affected opponent. Plus if this skill hits an opponent who has prey marker, then Fanny's energy will regenerate more. Well, this skill is what fears player who are facing each other because when Fanny is held by a skilled user and has good accuracy, she will always hit the enemy hero with this skill without stopping aka spam, because the energy always regenerates, this can kill the enemy hero instantly if the enemy hero can't escape or can't deal with it.

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8 Heroes That Make Fanny Can't Fly

But calm down, it's not impossible to beat this hero. To kill Fanny is necessary good teamwork and there must be a Fanny hero counter. Then, who are the heroes who can face this Fanny? Let's just take a look at the following article.

1. Saber

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  • Role: Assassin
  • Recommended Ability: Stun, Retribution

Saber is an assassin who has the ultimate skill CC or a crowd control called Triple Sweep which consists of three combinations of movements, with damage the big one and its crowd control. Of course Saber can beat Fanny, especially when combined with a skill called Flying Sword where this skill will rotate the sword around the saber, when combined with the ultimate, this sword will merge with Saber and provide additional damage to the hero that is ultimate by Saber, but the use of this combination should not be arbitrary.

Try installment Fanny's hit point used to be close to half of all hit points. The trick is to use the Flying Sword skill, to avoid Fanny's skill spam, it's best if you just pay in installments with this skill, don't hit him directly. This combination is great to use to kill Fanny especially when war ongoing.

2. Moscow

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  • Role: Marksman
  • Recommended Ability: Inspire, Retribution

Even though the assassin hero is the hero the marksman hero feared at the beginning games, especially when dealing with a hero like Fanny who can give damage sustainable. But not for Moskov, with a note must use the right strategy.

Moskov has a knockback skill named Spear of Death where moskov will throw his spear with all his might and stick it on the enemy hero. If the enemy stuck with the Moskov spear is stuck again on another enemy hero, it will cause a 1 second stun effect. However, if the enemy hero stuck with the Moskov spear is then stuck on the wall, then the stun time felt is 2 seconds.

This is what Moscow can take advantage of when dealing with Fanny, at the beginning games try to play it safe first near the turret if there is a Fanny near you. Because at the beginning of the game Fanny can easily kill the marksman, get close to the Turret, when Fanny is passionate attack you inside the Turret then this is your chance to throw the Spear of Death towards the wall within the range of the Turret. Then hit Fanny when hit by as many stun effects as possible, most likely Fanny will die because damage addition of a large turret. When it's nearing the end games where the team hero is complete with its build, then you just have to try to stick Fanny on the wall and hit as many as possible, because at the end games marksman will be very big damage and attack speed.

3. Ruby

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  • Role: Fighter
  • Recommended Ability: Stun, Flicker

Ruby can't just kill Fanny, even though she is a fighter but she will have a hard time killing Fanny because damage which is lacking. Even so, it has great resistance, so it is very suitable to use items semi tanks. He is a hero who can really help friends to kill Fanny when war, so it's not suitable for solo against Fanny, however very suitable for teamwork.

Ruby has a skill called Don't run, Wolf King!, this skill will make Ruby rotate her sickle which can attract enemies around her. To help the team defeat Fanny use this skill effectively, when Fanny flies in the team horde, join and use this skill. It is recommended to use the stun ability if your team does not have a hero who has crowd control skills other than Ruby, so that Fanny can be stopped longer so that it is more likely to be killed.

4. Chou

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  • Role: Fighter
  • Recommended Ability: Flicker

Chou used to be a very terrible hero because he had damage which is amazing, besides that if he uses a build tank then he will also become a very annoying tank. Besides being difficult to kill, he also has 2 CC skills, namely Jeet Kune Do and his ultimate skill, The Way of Dragon which will kick the enemy into the air. What's even more terrifying is that at that time he had a skill Shunpo which makes all attack skills if he dashes with this skill, and when he does ultimate to one of the enemy heroes, he will also be immune to all attacks.

Thank goodness Chou has beenremake, where only his Shunpo made him invulnerable. This Chou Hero is the same as Ruby, he need teamwork to kill Fanny, but if held reliable user This Chou can still go solo against Fanny.

5. Hayabusa

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  • Role: Assassin
  • Recommended Ability: Stun, Retribution

Hayabusa is a very reliable hero to face Fanny, because this ninja has the ultimate that makes him change become a shadow and give damage to the enemy. If the target is alone, then only that target will be chased by Hayabusa's shadow.

Amazing isn't it? Hayabusa's Ultimate is perfect for dealing with a solo Fanny. But before issuing the ultimate make sure to clean all the minions and have issued a skill Quad Shadow so that when Ultimate runs out it can run away easily. When you manage to do the ultimate towards Fanny then Hayabusa will chase Fanny while giving damage big ones wherever Fanny flies if she's the only target, but Fanny won't be able to give damage to you.

6. Akai

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  • Role: Tank
  • Recommended Ability: Stun, Flicker, Weaken

Had been called a Tank that was not too influential, but after beingremake, Akai being one of the most annoying Tanks. Now he is a very dangerous Tank because he can destroying the opponent's formation using his ultimate skill named Hurricane Dance, where when he uses this ultimate Akai will spin around and cause a knockback effect on enemies who approach him.

With this ultimate Akai can stop Fanny from flying. It won't get hit damage from Fanny when flying, because when Fanny flies towards Akai who is ultimate, Fanny will bounce. It would actually be a waste of energy from Fanny. In addition, if Akai manages to push Fanny against the wall, then it will be an opportunity for your team to kill her.

7. Helcurt

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  • Role: Assassin
  • Recommended Ability: Stun, Retribution, Flicker, Aegis

Helcurt the Bearer of Shadows, is a hero who is feared by the enemy, especially those who rely on skills. Because when the enemy gives damage to Helcurt with his skill, then the enemy will experience silence or temporarily unable to use skills. Besides skills Shadow Rush Helcurt's if it hits the opponent will also make the opponent silenced. The most annoying thing about this hero is his ultimate which makes it difficult for the enemy to see the surrounding area and cannot use it folder them for 3.5 seconds.

Of course this is very afraid of Fanny. If Fanny doesn't use purify ability, because when Fanny flies towards Helcurt, then Fanny will be silenced so it's difficult to give damage to Helcurt on an ongoing basis. Besides that Helcurt still has additional silence using his Shadow Rush and the opportunity to give damage the big one while Fanny has a hard time giving damage from Deadly Poisoned Stinger Helcurt's when full, this will overwhelm Fanny against Helcurt.

8. Martis

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  • Role: Fighter
  • Recommended Ability: Flicker, Retribution, Stun, Inspire, Aegis

Martis, a newly released hero, this hero can be said to be very terrible, in addition to having many knockback skills, Martis also has an Ultimate Executioner skill that almost equals Karina. When he kills an enemy hero with the ultimate, then the ultimate can be used again, but the difference is that Ultimate Martis can be reused if he kills the enemy hero only with his ultimate. Unlike Karina, who kills an enemy hero with any skill or basic attack, the cooldown of her skills will decrease until they can be reused.

Martis's all-knockback skills are a fear in itself for Fanny, because when she flies she will be very disturbed by these skills. Skills Ashura Aura will pull Fanny into the fan-shaped area it creates, not to mention if you add skills Mortal Coil which gives knockback up to 3 times. If these two skills are combined Fanny will have difficulty flying, while giving damage and knockback until Fanny's hit point is dying, then that's Martis' chance to execute Fanny.

Those are 8 heroes who are believed to be able to make Fanny fail to fly, but keep in mind whatever the hero is if used by player reliable then the hero will be a great hero. Don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions in the column below. Hope it is useful.