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how to see last seen whatsapp boyfriend hidden!

How to see hidden WhatsApp last seen is effective for those of you who want to know your boyfriend's activities. Guaranteed you won't be caught if you get stuck!

Have a girlfriend but if on WhatsApp it features Last Seenis it disabled? Duh, how cool is your relationship! Jaka is so sad...

Indeed, some people also have the same way to maintain their privacy.

But don't worry, now Jaka also has a surefire way to see Last Seen WhatsApp girlfriend even though it's been hidden! Curious about the steps?

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Here's How To See A WhatsApp Last Seen That Was Accidentally Hidden!

Indeed, features Last Seen WhatsApp users have also complained a lot, maybe including you, who seem a bit like spying on their activities in this chat application.

Even though you yourself can disable it using the method in the article below guys:


But for those of you who still want to be curious about their activities on WhatsApp, it's better to follow them first how to see last seen whatsapp hidden below. Guaranteed to be 100% effective!

  • Step - 1: First install the application OnLog by developer LogMobi on the link below.
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  • Step - 2: Open the Onlog application and on the start page, you will be asked to enter pseudonym, country code along with phone number WhatsApp users. Then tapStart to Follow!


  • Step - 3: The girlfriend's WA number is automatically added to OnLog. To get notification of every girlfriend online, tap red bell icon. Then you will get push notifications whenever girlfriend is online on WhatsApp.
  • Step - 4: To view Last Seen, tap icon on the top right. The red icon means that your boyfriend is offline, while the green color means that your girlfriend is online. There is also information on the duration of your girlfriend online on WhatsApp!



Now you know how to view your disabled boyfriend's Last Seen WhatsApp, right?

Finally now you can get points while acting as a spy, guys. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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