tips so that android with ram below 1 gb doesn't lag

Do you still have an Android with 512 MB RAM? If so, you must be annoyed sometimes because of the slow screen response. Well, this time ApkVenue will provide a way to make Android with 512 MB RAM still smooth.

As you know, Android smartphone RAM has now penetrated up to 4 GB. But not infrequently even now there are cheap Androids that use 512 MB of RAM, so it sometimes lags. If you have a cheap Android with 512 MB of RAM, ApkVenue will provide how to make android with less than 1 GB of RAM does not lag. But actually you can use these tips on Android with high RAM though, so that the performance is faster.

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What can Android do with 512 MB of RAM? Even 1 GB of RAM is now felt to be lacking. Android with 512 MB RAM you can use for just phone or SMS communication purposes, replying to emails and emails tethering. Pretty good right? that's why ApkVenue provides a way to make Android not lag.

Keep Android 512 MB RAM Smooth

One of the problems experienced by cheap Android with 512 MB RAM is the slow screen response. A screen that is slow in responding to touch can be caused by less than optimal CPU and RAM performance. To keep it responsive, ApkVenue recommends you to download it Super Touch - Speed ​​Sliding. This application will maximize CPU and RAM performance on your Android, so that your Android response to touches on the screen will be more responsive. As a result, typing emails or opening applications on Android with 512 MB RAM will be even faster.

How to Use Super Touch

No need access root to be able to use Super Touch. This application only needs a little setup from you. What is certain is that for those of you whose Android has not been installed,root can use this application easily and without problems. Anyway, you have to try it, because how to make android not lag is very easy.

For how to make android not lag using Super Touch, you just set the level according to the size of your smartphone screen. In the display of this application, a suitable level is also included according to the screen size of the Android smartphone you are using. Just set the level, then select Start Smooth Touch. The higher the type of GPU you use, the higher the level the better. But if you use a GPU that is not good enough, you should set it to a medium or lower number to get satisfactory results.

If so, just wait for the process to finish. It's important to note, during the Smooth Touch process, try not to lock the screen and the screen doesn't turn off, this is just in case the process doesn't fail. And also the higher the level, the longer the Smooth Touch process will take.

When finished, you can feel the performance of your Android screen is more responsive than before. Overcoming a lag android in this way will make the battery a bit wasteful. If you are worried that your battery performance will be drained, you can activate the mode Battery Saver.


Overcome a lagging android with Super Touch - Speed ​​Sliding no need access root, because this application does not do tweaks on the system, but tweaks on GPUs. This application can run on all types of chipsets, it's just that it will be more leverage if it is used by Android devices that use Snapdragon chipsets. Well, for those of you who use the Snapdragon chipset, let's try this application so that your Android with 512 MB RAM can still be felt smooth. Oh yes, this application will stop working when your Android is in a state of beingcharge.

So far, Jaka has always used this application to make the typing experience and playing games more responsive. Used on Android smartphones with 1 GB RAM that uses the Snapdragon 610 chipset, the results are very noticeable. Good luck overcoming a lagging android!