15 legendary old nokia phones, which one do you use?

Nokia's old cell phone is still remembered, and will always be missed. Well, here is Jaka's summary of 15 legendary old-school Nokia phones that used to be favorites in his era!

Nokia old phone still continues to be a legendary cellphone. How not, Nokia in his era had dominated the mobile phone market for quite a long time.

When compared to today's smartphones, old Nokia phones had a unique design.

There are shaped like Sony PSP, diamond, camera can be rotated, and so on. This is annoying!

Collection of Legendary old Nokia cellphones

Here Jaka has collected 15 Legendary Old Nokia Phones that your parents used to use!

1. Nokia 3310

The first old Nokia cellphone was the Nokia 3310, which was launched in 2000. Until now, this classic Nokia series is still being hunted by collectors!

2. Nokia 3210

Next up, there are cellphones Nokia 3210. Officially released in 1999, this Nokia cellphone is claimed to be very tough even though it falls from an extraordinary height. This cellphone is still fine.

3. Nokia 8210

This old Nokia mobile phone was a favorite in its time. When the smartphone launched, this cellphone began to be abandoned.

Even so, until now there are still many who use it for SMS and telephone only.

4. Nokia 8250

The next Nokia old phone is Nokia 8250. This cellphone used to be a favorite because of its unique design so that it fits in the hand.

5. Nokia 2300

If you see this old Nokia cellphone, you will immediately remember the game Snake II, Space Impact+, and Opposite. Right, no?

6. N Gage Classic

Before N Gage QD, there was N Gage Classic. This old Nokia cellphone has an attractive design and is a mobile phone specifically for playing games.

7. Nokia 3660

This Nokia mobile phone was a sophisticated cellphone for its time because it was equipped with complete features (at that time). This cellphone also appears, you know, in the movie What's with love!

8. Nokia 6600

Well, this is the HP of a million people! old Nokia 6600 series it was very popular in the mid 2000s.

This cellphone also uses the Symbian operating system so that it can install applications.

9. Nokia 7610

The next Nokia old phone is Nokia 7610. Because the design is quite unique. The body looks like a diamond. This cellphone already has a 1 MP camera.

10. Nokia Ngage QD

This is an old Nokia mobile phone which is the younger brother of the Nokia Ngage Classic. Nokia Ngage QD is an improvement over the previous version.

MP3 Player and radio features are removed from this phone to improve gaming performance!

11. Nokia 5300

This classic Nokia mobile phone at that time had become a favorite cellphone because of its cool design.

Mobile Nokia slider it puts forward music features and already has a camera that can record video!

12. Nokia N70

Nokia N70 is the first Nokia N series phone to feature a front camera (selfie). This Nokia cellphone also supports video calls, and 3G networks.

13. Nokia N91

The next legendary old Nokia cellphone is N91 series. This cellphone has a slider design so it looks classy.

14. Nokia N95

Nokia N95 also has a slider design. This cellphone, which was launched in 2006, already has advanced features including a 5 MP camera!

At that time, cellphones with 5 MP cameras were quite sophisticated, guys!

15. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

The last old Nokia mobile phone is Nokia 5800. This cellphone has a touchscreen, you know! And equipped with a 3.2 MP camera and external memory up to 16 GB!

In addition to the fifteen classic Nokia phones above, there are many more Nokia old phone who used to be an idol.

Do you still remember, which cell phone did your parents use?

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