7 cameras with the strangest designs in the world, some are in the form of a rifle!

All cameras have similar functions and features. One way manufacturers to sell their products is to innovate in the field of design.

In ancient times, the camera was one of the items that must be carried when traveling. It's still the day, though. However, this trend is starting to shift due to increasingly sophisticated smartphone cameras.

Camera manufacturers are also not just one, gang. They must compete in innovation so that their products can be stand-out in the market and become the best product.

One of the innovations made is to create a unique and different camera design. The hope is that their products will be remembered by consumers.

7 Cameras with the Weirdest Designs in the World

Today's camera technology has developed far from the camera era Obscura. The technology possessed by some cameras requires a special shape in order to be in line with the features they have.

From war cameras in the form of machine guns to cameras with 16 lenses, Jaka will tell you about 7 cameras with the strangest designs in the world.

1. Apple Quicktake 100

Apple Quicktake 100 is the first and last digital camera ever created by the iPhone maker, Apple, gang.

The design of this camera is somewhat unique because it looks more like a projector than a camera. This camera is capable of taking 32 photos with a resolution of 0.08 MP and measuring 640 x 480 pixels.

The Apple Quicktake 100 was released in 1994, but sales were discontinued in 1997, shortly after Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

2. Lytro Light Field Camera

Lytro Light Field Camera is a lightweight camera with a very unique design, gang.

Its rectangular shape and small size make this camera fit for you to put in your pants pocket.

Not only the shape, this camera made by Lytro also has other unique abilities. This camera can refocus an image even though the photo you have taken.

In the next output, these cameras change their unit of measurement for resolution from megapixel Becomes megarays.

This allows the camera to focus from 0 mm to infinity.

3. Konishoruko Rokuoh-Sha Type 89

Well, this is the camera with the most unique design that Jaka has ever seen, gang. Just look at its shape like a machine gun. Very unique, yes!

Konishoruko Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 Made in the era of World War 2 by Japan and used in training sessions.

This rifle-shaped camera can be affixed to replace the existing machine guns on fighter aircraft.

This camera has the purpose of monitoring the accuracy of the pilot in shooting his target. After landing, the recorded images are analyzed by experts for evaluation. Wow, that's cool, gang.

4. Zenit Photosniper

There is one more camera with a unique design that looks like a gun, gang. Zenit Photosniper is a camera that functions as a camera on the battlefield.

This camera model became very popular when used by Nikita Kruschev, politician of the Soviet Union at the time Cold War or the Cold War.

As the name implies, this camera has a lens with focal length very long so you can take pictures of objects that are very far away. Like a real sniper, huh!

5. Light L16

Light L16 is a very unique camera because it uses 16 camera modules at once inside body-his. The number of lenses on the front of this camera actually gives a bad impression.

The 16 camera modules in this camera function to capture multiple high-resolution photos at once in a variety of ways focal length.

All photos taken at the same time will be combined into a photo with a resolution of 52 megapixels that can be edited in focus later.

Although strange, but this camera is very sophisticated, gang.

6. Do-it-yourself F Constructor Lomography

If this one camera has a unique concept. When buying Do-it-yourself F Constructor Lomography, you will not get a camera with a complete form, gang.

You must first assemble this camera following the instructions given. So remember childhood toys like Tamiya yes, gang?

The results of the picture, really, just normal. However, there is a certain satisfaction when you take photos using a camera that you assemble yourself.

7. Barbie Videogirl

Barbie Videogirl is the strangest type of camera that Jaka has ever seen, gang. How not, this camera is in the form of a barbie doll that children usually play with.

The necklace worn by this barbie doll functions as a lens, while on the doll's back there is an LCD screen to view the results.

This camera is capable of recording videos with a duration of up to 25 minutes. In addition, you can connect this camera to a PC for you to edit or save.

That's Jaka's article about 7 cameras with the strangest designs ever. What do you think about the strange camera designs above?

Write your answer in the comments column, yes. See you in the next Jaka article!

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