Here are 5 types of password encryption that can't be hacked

This is the type of password encryption that can't be hacked, so it's safe. Because apparently there are many types of password encryption that can still be cracked by hackers.

Currently almost all computers in the world are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. So that this communication is not intercepted by hackers, encryption is made to be safe. There are also various types of encryption, ranging from simple encryption to complex military-standard encryption.

Even though it's encrypted, it doesn't mean it's safe. Because apparently a lot of encryption that can still be broken by hackers. To be safe, here it is a type of password encryption that can't be hacked!

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5 Types of Unhackable Password Encryption

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Reported via StorageCraft, before discussing the types of password encryption, let's understand the meaning of encryption first. Encryption is simply to disguise the words so that only the sender and recipient of the message know.

Now, after understanding the meaning of encryption, without further ado, let's go ahead. This is the type of password encryption that can't be hacked.

1. Triple DES

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First there is Triple DES, which is a further development of the DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm. Where DES is considered incompetent because it is often broken into by hackers. Triple DES uses protection with 3 different keys, each of which is at least 56 bits long.

2. RSA

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Furthermore, there is RSA which is generally used by the public at large, even as a standard for sending data via the internet. Unlike Triple DES, the RSA algorithm is asymmetric because of its paired decryption key. With this method, until now it was still impossible to penetrate.

3. Blowfish

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Similar to Triple DES, is a further developer of DES. The difference with Triple DES, Blowfish will divide the data to be encrypted into many blocks. Where per block size is 64 bits, then each of these blocks will be encrypted one by one differently.

4. Twofish

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Before the Blowfish, it was Twofish. But the encryption method between Blowfish and Twofish itself is very different. Twofish is asymmetric and uses only one key which can be up to 256 bits long. This method allows Twofish to be the fastest encryption currently available.

5. AES

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Finally, there is AES which stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. When it comes to security, I don't think there's any need to hesitate anymore. Because AES has become a standard for the United States government and several other well-known organizations. The encryption length is 128 bits but it is very complex. In extreme conditions, it can be extended up to 256 bits.

Well it turns out that encryption is different, yes, even though it has the same goal. Because there is this encryption, our data can be safe. What do you think, what type of password encryption number do you know? Share with Jaka yes!

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