how to get speedy mobile legends avatar border + bonus

Want to get a free Speedy avatar border? Here, Jaka has an easy tutorial for you to do, you don't need diamonds plus you can get free ML heroes, you know!

Are you a loyal player of the popular mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has entered Season 14, gang?

In addition to getting more complex and more hero released, Mobile Legends also has some interesting and free events that you shouldn't miss.

One of them is to get avatar border Speedy Jaka will review how to get it this time. Curious how?

What's that Avatar Borders Mobile Legends?

Before going into the main discussion, maybe some of you don't know what it is avatar border Mobile Legends and its function for what, gang?

Well, you could say avatar border ML is items "cosmetic" alias to beautify the view player in games. So it has no effect on gameplay like hero skins Mobile Legends.

To view and change collections avatar border in Mobile Legends, you just go to Profile, tap Avatar, Change Avatar option, and select Border Avatar.

Here you can choose avatar border from your collection. So, to add to your collection, Moonton also provide avatar border Speedy that you can get for free.

How to? Come on, see the review below!


How to get Avatar Borders Latest Speedy Mobile Legends 2019

Besides avatar border Speedy Mobile Legends, which ApkVenue mentioned above, by using this method you also have the opportunity to get other bonuses.

Starting from hero Mobile Legends for free, ticket, and also hero trial card for 1 day, lol. So follow the steps below for those of you who want to get these cool items.

Step 1 - Updates Mobile Legends Latest Version

  • First, make sure you've done updatesMobile Legends: Bang Bang latest version by checking the Google Play page.
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Step 2 - Make Sure You Don't Have It Avatar Borders Speedy

  • Then you can make sure you don't have avatar border Speedy by going to Profile > Avatar > Change Avatar > Border Avatar and swipe down until you find the item.

Step 3 - Wait Until Updates Finished

  • Although avatar border you can get it after 40% download, ApkVenue recommends waiting for this process to finish. To check it, just check the icon on the screen like this.

Step 4 - Redeem Border Avatar Speedy & Bonus

  • If all processes are complete, you just go to the menu Event > Daily > Quick Version. Tap the button Claim to get attractive prizes from Mobile Legends.

Step 5 - Done!

  • Here Jaka gets the MLBB Update Bundle containing the permanent Gatotkaca, avatar border Speedy, 20 ticket, and hero trial card pack (1 day). Very nice, right?
  • The last time you use it avatar border as in step 2 to beautify your appearance in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, gang.

Bonus: Here's How To Get Hero Free Mobile Legends Without Cheats

Today is still the time to use cheats just to try hero free? Instead of using non-halal methods, there are actually several easy ways to do it get hero Mobile Legends for free.

not only hero, you can also get diamonds and skin for free lol. For a full review, please refer to the article below!


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Well, that's a brief review of how to get avatar border Speedy in Mobile Legends games and bonuses hero permanently free.

How about it, gang? Are you getting even more excited to play this most popular mobile MOBA game?

Come on, share your opinion in the comments column and keep watching to get updates information, tips and tricks, and other fun things here.

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