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watch movie cars 2 (2011) full movie

Want to watch a light and entertaining Disney animated film at the end of the year? Come on, watch Cars 2 (2011) full movie here!

Are you a fan of Disney animated films? If so, of course you have to watch a lot of their films, right!

One of the most popular is franchise Cars. This film tells the story of a world filled with animate cars.

After in the first film we saw how Lightning McQueen survives in Radiator Springs, we will see Mater become a secret agent in the film. Cars 2!

Synopsis of Cars 2

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After winning the Piston Cup four times, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) returns to Radiator Springs for the reunion.

There, he met his best friend tow mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and his girlfriend Sally Carrera (Boonny Hunt).

He also met Sir Miles Axlerod (Eddie Izzard) who is now campaigning for an environmentally friendly fuel called Allinol.

Lightning gets information that there is a championship event called the World Grand Prix which aims to campaign for the use of Allinol.

Feeling challenged, Lightning decided to take part in the event. He invited his colleagues to support him.

On the other hand, an English spy named Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) is investigating the world's largest petroleum reserves.

This oil reserve is owned by lemon cars, a term to refer to old cars that are no longer functioning properly.

He realized that there was a big conspiracy behind all of this. Accidentally, Mater is dragged into this case and becomes a secret agent!

Interesting Facts about Cars 2 Movie

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Franchise Cars is one of the most popular, so this film has so many interesting facts that you should know!

  • Doc Hudson Hornet does not appear in this film because of the voice actor, Paul Newman, had died in 2008.

  • Became the first Pixar film to not nominated for the Academy Awards since 2001.

  • On a trip to Tokyo, Mater and Lightning saw the event Takeshi Castle car version.

  • The Luigi family is a variant Fiat 100. In Italian, this car earned the nickname Topolino which means Mickey Mouse.

  • Passport Mater with date of birth on January 12, 1957. It is the date of birth of John Lasseter, a former Pixar executive.

  • The car used as the model for the queen of England is Rolls Royce Phantom IV 1950's.

  • It is the only Pixar film to get such a bad rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

  • Unlike Cars and Cars 3, this film has no post-credits scene.

  • We can see a lot of characters from other Pixar movies appearing in the form of cars. An example is Harryhausen from the movie Monster, Inc.

  • The twin Japanese cars that appear in this film are named Mei and Satsuki. If you are a fan of the Ghibli movie, you will know that the name is taken from the anime Tonari no Totoro.

  • anime maker Tonari no Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki, is a good friend of John Lasseter.

  • It is the first Pixar film to have a sequel after Toy Story.

Watch Movie Cars 2

TitleCars 2
ShowOctober 12, 2011
Duration1 hour 46 minutes
ProductionWalt Disney Pictures

Pixar Animation Studios

DirectorJohn Lasseter
CastOwen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Caine, et al
GenreAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
Rating39% (216)

6.1/10 (145.726)

Unlike the previous film, on Cars this one's point of view is more towards Mater, not Lightning McQueen.

When McQueen has to struggle with a race full of conspiracy, Mater is caught in a condition that makes him have to make difficult choices.

If you want to watch this animated film, just click the link provided below!

>>>Nonton Film Cars 2 (2011)<<<

That was the synopsis and interesting facts about the film Cars 2. This film is perfect to watch with your sister, niece, or child if you already have one.

Any other Disney animated films you'd like to see? Write in the comments column, yes!

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