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a collection of cool symbols for the 2018 mobile legends nickname!

A collection of symbols for game nicknames that you can use to add a unique name to your character. Complete with applications that provide symbols.

Have you ever been bored with nickname Mobile Legends just like that?

Creating a cool game nickname or username doesn't only consist of the alphabet, guys, but you can also insert unique symbols to make it look cooler.

To insert symbols for your game's nickname, you can't just insert them without a collection of symbols. With that, ApkVenue has prepared a symbol for your Mobile Legends nickname so that cooler and more varied.

Symbol for Game Nickname

To insert the symbol that ApkVenue provides below, you can copy-paste it into your game. If you are still confused about what name is suitable to be used as a cool game nickname, you can use this application Nickname Generator.

You can see how to use it and where to download the Nickname Generator in the following Jaka article:


After you find a suitable name for your game nickname, add a symbol for the nickname below to make it cooler. Let's go straight to the list of symbols!

Symbols for Nickname Emoticons

In addition to the symbol for your Mobile Legends nickname, you can also use this emoticon symbol to chat with your friends.

This emoticon symbol is suitable for those of you who like something cute and funny. To quote the nickname emoticon symbol, you can click here.

Symbols for Cool Nicknames

This symbol is suitable for you to use as an additional nickname for your online multiplayer game. You can quote this symbol here

Chinese Nickname Symbol

Want to feel like a Chinese warlord?

This Chinese nickname symbol is suitable for you to use for game character names. If you want to quote the symbol above, you can quote it here.

Japanese Nickname Symbol

You can quote the Japanese nickname symbol above by clicking here

Chess Nickname Symbol

You can quote the symbol above by clicking this link

Other Nickname Symbols

You can quote other symbols here

Finding Nicknames with Name Generator

Of course, if Jaka mentions one by one nickname that you can use for the Mobile Legends game, there will be no end.

Well, you can find other cool and unique nicknames through name generator. You just open the site name-generator.org.uk and there you can choose many name generators.

Examples such as Nickname, Fantasy Name, Character Name, and many more guys. It's easy to use, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the site name-generator.org.uk
  • Choose the type of name generator according to your wishes, this time I choose Fantasy Name
  • Click Suggest as shown below, then the engine will randomly find a unique name for you.

How to Make Nickname Symbols with Apps

For those of you who want to insert a symbol for your own unique nickname, you can use a keyboard application that provides a variety of unique symbols.

Various Android keyboards also provide unique emoji that you can use for your nickname as well. One of them is the CopyPasta application.

Apps Productivity Roymunson Studios DOWNLOAD

Well, in addition to having cute symbols and emoji features, you can also have a keyboard with a cool model with other unusual features. For the complete keyboard application, you can see the following Jaka article:


That's the symbol for the nickname game that you can use to be cooler and different from others. With this you no longer have a boring nickname.

What other symbols might Jaka miss? Write it in the comments column yes. See you in the next article guys!

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